‘GoodReader’ Lets You Hit a Few Notes with Their Recent Update [News]

GoodReader_IconJust when I thought GoodReader  was taking a break from updating this already amazing productivity app, they introduce another update that could be music to your ears. If you’re a musician who uses your iPad to read music, now you’ll be able to automate page-turning in GoodReader thanks to their most recent update.

Developers over at Good.iWare  have given you the ability to turn your music pages with a remote page turning device. You can also easily setup any compatible foot pedal or use a standard Bluetooth Keyboard to use this new feature.

GoodReader is the perfect companion for live musicians who perform with numerous sheets of music PDFs on their iPads. This update allows you to keep the rhythm since flipping through music pages is now seamless on your iPad.

We’ve covered GoodReader for quite some time now and each update introduces great new features. For only $4.99, GoodReader puts numerous productive and innovative functions at your fingertips when it comes to viewing, managing, and sharing your PDFs. Couple all this with the amazing updates Good.iWare continues to make on this productivity app, you continue getting your monies worth well after your initial purchase.

GoodReader is available in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for only $4.99. If you rely on your iOS device for PDF management, you cannot go wrong with GoodReader—trust me!

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