‘GoodReader 4’ Updated So You Can Add Signatures to Documents [News]

GoodReader_IconIf you ever doubted GoodReader 4  being among the world’s top-selling PDF reader and file management apps for your iOS devices, their most recent update will make you a believer. You’re now able to quickly and securely sign documents on your iPad or iPhone.

Business users won’t need to be reminded how great a function like this is since they’re probably already using a similar feature currently available on their Mac. Adding this amazing feature to your iPhone or iPad transforms a productivity app like GoodReader 4 into a superhero app since it can save the day!

Everyday users benefit from this feature too. You won’t realize you need a function like this until it’s too late. Being able to sign and send documents from your mobile device is an extremely useful feature for business and casual users alike.

On a recent trip away from home I needed to sign a document and thankfully I brought my MacBook with me. Had I decided against brining my laptop, I would’ve needed to wait until we got home to take care of urgent business. Now armed with GoodReader 4, I’m able to accomplish the same task right from my iPhone or iPad. On our next trip, I might be traveling a bit lighter thanks to this useful feature!GoodReader_Signature_Feature_iPad_Screenshot

Simple instructions to add a signature to a document in GoodReader 4:

  • Tap-and-hold on an empty spot on a PDF page
  •  Select “Sign” from the popup menu
  •  First time users of this Signature feature will then create one or more pre-composed signatures (up to four on an iPad, and up to two on an iPhone)
  • Select one of the available signatures from the menu

Stored signatures are never uploaded anywhere and never backed up. Pre-composed signatures stored on your device are in encrypted form and if you have Touch ID you can protect signatures with your fingerprint.

When it comes to convenience and security, our iOS devices consistently deliver thanks to native and third-party applications. “We know a lot of our business and government users must digitally sign dozens of documents a day. By providing an easy yet secure way for our customers to sign documents, we make sure that they are able to enjoy the simplicity of working with their documents without fear of those documents being signed without their authorization,” explained Yuri Seleukoff, president of Good.iWare, makers of GoodReader 4.

If you haven’t experienced GoodReader 4, it’s available in the App Store for $4.99 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Your money goes a very long way with this productivity app. Developers are constantly updating GoodReader  to optimize the app with current features and options available on iOS devices. Check out our previous coverage on GoodReader 4 to see just how focused they are at remaining a top-selling PDF reader and file management app.

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