Good Deeds Will be Easier Thanks to ‘Nobly’ [News]

IMG_0386If you’ve been staying up to date with everything going on here at iOS Etc, you already know we’re helping beta test a few apps for indie developers. Just a few days ago we introduced you to Nobly, which connects people through good deeds using their pay it forward network. We’re continuing our coverage on Nobly  by sharing a preview of what we’ve seen thus far along with some of our initial thoughts and impressions.

Now that we’ve had access to Nobly  for a couple weeks, it’s clear to see how Nobly  is going to connect others using their pay it forward network. Once inside Nobly  it reads much like news feeds we’re familiar with in other social media apps. The news feed in Nobly  is called the “Deed Feed” which has its very own flare and originality.

Items in your Deed Feed are very interactive. After selecting an item in your Deed Feed, you can read more information the author shared about it. You can also like, comment, or share the deed with others and possibly start a chain reaction of kindness. You don’t have to select an item to unlock the like, comment, and share buttons. Nobly  let’s you quickly select these buttons right in your Deed Feed.

Having a share button in Nobly  is extremely important since it keeps the conversations going about a deed. As more people share a deed via different mediums, it helps a deed find its way onto other social media apps where the support or action can continue to grow. This is a great way to have a call to action take place within a completely different app and will hopefully inspire family and friends to download Nobly to join in on the action or to simply share it in those apps they prefer.

Another feature I really enjoy on Nobly  is the photos users add to their deeds are large, which allows them to take center stage as you scroll. These large photos take up most of the real estate on the feed and they look fantastic. This feature allows you to focus your attention on one post before the next one slides into view. I find it easy to switch gears and move onto the next deed since you cannot see much information from the previous or next post with the photos being so large and in your face.Nobly_iPhone_6_Screenshot

I have an iPhone 6 Plus and viewing my Instagram  feed is amazing on this “bigger than bigger” iPhone. Using such large photos in Nobly  on the Deed Feed allows me to enjoy photos shared by others very much like I do with Instagram.

Nobly  looks amazing on my iPhone 6 Plus! It’s hard to believe the version I’m using is the beta. It has such a great feel and flow to it which is familiar and pleasing all at the same time. There are still a few kinks to be worked out before the launch. No tentative released date has been set as of yet, but developers are shooting for a late March release. I know they’ve been working long hours and weekends trying to get it right and by what I can tell they’re hard work is really paying off.

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