‘Golden Trail 2: Hidden Object Adventure’ is Currently Free [Free App]

GoldenTrail2IconGolden Trail 2: Hidden Object Adventure is available only for the iPad and will have you traveling back to the 18th century as you help Henry rescue his grandfather. His grandfather is accused of being a pirate and is punishable by death. The help you provide Henry is of the utmost importance! To help Henry you must collect numerous tools and objects that’ll eventually save his grandfather. Discovering these items will allow you to explore four continents, 45 scenes, and collect over 2,000 objects. Tap the screen to collect the items but avoid tapping too much since this will freeze the screen and cost you valuable time. Some of the tools you collect can be used to open other objects that reveal some of the items you must collect. Bandits will appear on the screen at times so be sure and shoot them for extra hints that’ll help you find your items. This game is fun for all ages and will definitely keep you entertained if you like trying to find hidden objects in pictures and have a knack for attention to detail. This iPad only app is available from Awem and is being offered for free for a very limited time. Normally this app is $4.99, but head over to the iOS App Store on your iPad and download it for free right now.


Ahoy! Do you hear the waves caressing the beach? Do you see the Jolly Roger waving in the wind? Have you noticed the song of the pirates’ sabers and the whisper of the court intrigues? Find all of it in this intriguing Hidden Object game!

Travel back to the 18th century and join Henry’s gripping adventures whose granddad is accused of being a pirate and condemned to death. Take the advantage of your iPad display, scour perfectly designed locations to find over 2000 hidden objects, solve mind-bending puzzles and practice your accuracy in the unique shooting gallery. Look for the clues in passionate Spain, exotic Maghreb, and the legendary islands of the Caribbean. Don’t let the bandits get away and save the innocent. There is much more behind the story!



  • 45 Fantastic hidden object locations and over 2 000 items to search
  • Three game modes including Unlimited mode and unique Shooting Gallery
  • Travel 4 continents in search for the truth
  • Solve puzzles in and between the episodes
  • Get 47 marvelous in-game trophies
  • Try before buy! Start your adventure for free and unlock the whole game without leaving the app!


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