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Going Truly Paperless With Scanbot [App Review]

Keeping track of important documents can be difficult. For a long time there haspaperless with scanbot, app review, scanbot been no easy way to keep such documents in one place, unless you sat down at your computer and scanned each document in. Not only was that time consuming, but very very boring.

Luckily our friends at Doo have a solution. On the surface, Scanbot may look like a fairly basic app that simply snaps photos of documents and turns them in to PDFs. Well there is more….a lot more.

Scanbot is a free download with an in-app purchase that unlocks a huge load of features.

Let’s start with the free stuff. The free Scanbot is a point and shoot document scanner. Before you take the photo there is a setting to choose the quality of the document. I always have this set to high, especially for using the pro features.

Going back to the app, press the ‘+’ button and allow access to your camera. If there is a document nearby Scanbot will start trying to detect it. This is what’s called auto-perspective, essentially Scanbot is trying to take the clearest image it possibly can by giving instructions like, “move closer” until it can take the best picture possible. If you’re impatient, just press the camera button or let Scanbot detect the document for you, once detected Scanbot will automatically take the photo.

Once you have your image you can tweak the lines to make sure you have the best image possible, drain the colour to black and white or keep the colour, then press save.

paperless with scanbot, app review, scanbot

There is a handful of editing tools, highlighter and a few more to make your document personalised. When you are ready you can upload your newly made PDFs to an almost endless list of cloud storages. Most of which can be configured to auto upload when a document is saved.

Scanbot also doubles up as a QR Code reader, which works quickly and is available free with the app.

The pro features is where Scanbot comes in to its own. After snapping your photo you can enable OCR, Optical Character Recognition, which is a clever way of saying seeing the words in a document and making them searchable. To show how powerful this is, I was reading this paper on the train today and Scanbot was able to pull words out of the document.

paperless with scanbot, app review, scanbot

You can see how tiny the words are on this paper but using a simple search, we are able to find searched words. Now imagine instead of reading through a huge document. Just snap a picture and search for the word or sentence you want, suddenly referencing and quoting becomes so much easier. Scanbots OCR is available is 50 languages.

The next notable feature is ‘smart naming’. Scanbot can be programmed with a naming system, so you can tell it you want to include a place and time as the documents name, Scanbot will do it, how about just a time? Scanbot can do that to, it’s a simple little feature but amazingly useful.

You also get added security features being a pro user; being able to use Touch-ID to unlock the app keeping all of those important document safe.

(5 / 5) It’s not often I give out 5 stars for an app but Scanbot deserves it, not only is it easy to use but packed full of features and an absolute must have for any iPhone power user.

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