Go Viral With ‘iFunFace’ [App Review]

iFunFaceIconUntil recently, I didn’t realize how valuable shared photo streams are for some iOS users. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy taking and sharing photos with friends and family members, but I’ve never setup or joined a shared photo stream until a few months ago. This feature available for you to enjoy on your iPhone and iPad is something I’m using regularly and there’s one app I’m getting a lot of mileage out of to entertain subscribers on one of my shared streams.

This past May, my wife and I had our first child and we’ve started using a couple more iOS features. FaceTime was perfect for introducing our daughter to those family members living out of state, but the shared photo stream feature is something we use almost daily to post our most recent pictures. The app iFunFace available for your iPhone or iPad has added some humor to a few of the photos we’ve shared with friends and family members and it’s amazingly simple to use.

iFunFace allows you to choose photos from on your iPhone or iPad, Facebook, or easily snap a new photo while the app is running. Crop your image to the desired size and identify one or multiple faces. Outlining a face requires a bit of time and practice to master, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll fly through it each and every time. Position the mouth and add any accessories before moving to the last step.

iFunFaceScreenshotThis is the fun part, add a text bubble to the photo or voice recording to a create a video. I’ve only made a few photos with text bubbles since making videos is much more fun in my opinion. Choose from six different voice effects and start recording audio. When you’re satisfied with your audio recording, choose whether to share your recording via Facebook, YouTube, email, or save it to your camera roll.

Depending upon how long your recording is, it may take a while to create the video file you share or save to your iPhone or iPad. Do not close the app or answer a text while iFunFace is making a video. If you do back out of the app it will fail to save or share your file. This happened to me three times before I learned my lesson and it’s frustrating when you create a great video and then lose it.

Sharing photos with our friends and family members through shared photo streams are an easy way to keep everyone in the loop. Using iFunFace to create some unique and funny videos has kept everyone entertained and coming back for more.

There are two versions of iFunFace you can download in the App Store, the free version and pro version for only $2.99. Check out the free version first to see if this application is something you would use before paying for the pro version. At least this way you can give it a test drive before buying.

If you’re looking to create something fun with your photos, check out iFunFace in the App Store today. To give you an idea of the fun my family is having with iFunFace, we made the video below before we travelled to see our nephew shortly after he was born. Our daughter wanted to share a few tips with him on the success she had at creating chaos in her first few weeks.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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