Give Your Route Some Clout With Routie [App Review]

Icon-512x512I’m sure all of us have heard the phrase, “Good things come to those who wait.” This couldn’t be more true for an iOS application I’ve been waiting to review for the past 6 months. Lukas Petr contacted me in the very early stages of iOS Etc with a request to review Routie. Unfortunately it was very cold here in the Chicagoland area, so I couldn’t get out and give Routie the full test drive until old man winter released the frigid cold grip he had on us. Now that warmer weather is here and my wife and I are looking for an excuse to get out with our new baby, Routie is stretching its iOS legs after sitting on my iPhone for a while but it is helping us keep track of some great first time family adventures.

Immediately after starting to use Routie, I was happy to have the ability to snap some pictures in the application and have them show up on different locations of our route. What seems like such a small thing to brag about is awesome to have if you’re looking to repeat the same adventure, but can’t seem to remember the most interesting or picturesque spots on a trail. Now you’re able to avoid wasting time by reflecting back on your workout or family walk so you can head back to those areas you enjoyed the most. These long walks were enjoyable, but I found some excellent areas I would like to head back to and add to a run route.

Another great thing about Routie is the stats it generates about your routes. Looking for a route you believe would give you the highest calorie burn? Look back over previous routes to see which one had the most incline, best average speed, or most distance in the shortest time. This allows you to get more bang for your buck by simply checking the stats. For me, time is precious, so having such a vast amount of information right at my fingertips is crucial to helping me make the best decision when it comes to fitness and time management.

One area I appreciated, but don’t know if it was a bit of overkill was the activity choices for different routes or exercises. Maybe some iOS users track downhill skiing routes or even their rowing routes. As for me, I don’t always find myself pulling out my iPhone to track certain leisure information. Some iPhone or iPad users may very well want or need to track this information, so for them it would be great to have. Personally, I view Routie as a fitness type application and some of the activity choices I saw were more recreational in nature and I don’t have a need to track this information. This doesn’t take away from the overall experience, just something I thought of the first time I went to save information after our first family walk.

Are you social? Well so is Routie! Simply allow it to connect with Facebook or Twitter account and your showing off your activities to friends and family.

The last thing I want to point out about Routie is it’s from an independent developer. Not a software company with numerous employees brainstorming ideas. It has a great overall look and feel to it, which is something you’d expect from a software company that has employees spending countless hours trying to make the perfect iOS application. I felt the amount of information it tracked and the stats if produced was quite impressive! Also, there were numerous map views to choose from which made it feel highly adaptive and very user friendly. While I was interacting with Routie I couldn’t help but be reminded of an application I used to use from Nike and I’m not sure why. Essentially what I’m trying to say is, the only thing Routie doesn’t do for you is exercise.

I’m glad I waited to review Routie when I could enjoy the full experience interacting with it while out and about in the moment. It’s extremely easy to use and very informative even after you’re done tracking your route or activities. For me, it stacks up against a few other fitness tracking applications I’ve used over the years. The only thing it was lacking was calories burned estimator, but I don’t feel those to be completely accurate anyway. Even without this information, Routie is an extremely useful and easy to use as well as useful iOS application. I never experienced any crashes and it always loaded very quickly and was ready to go. Currently Routie is $2.99 in the iOS App Store, which is a pretty good price considering all the information it tracks and stores for its users.

(5 / 5)


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