GIF Creating App ‘Gifx’ Hits the App Store [App Review]

Gifx-IconSince I’ve taken numerous photos and videos over the years, I’m constantly on the look out for creative new ways to edit my media. When I was contacted via Twitter and email to take a look at Gifx, I was excited to unlock the ability to add GIFs right in my photos and videos. Having recently discovered the Dasher Messenger app and its ability to add GIFs to messages, I was now looking forward to adding them to my photos and videos too. After seeing it had over 800 reviews after only being in the App Store for a week, I was suspect it was either super amazing or there was a catch. Gifs is short of amazing and one of the lines on the X in the app icon should resemble a fishing hook because they’re baiting you. Will they get you on their boat? Probably not after reading our review.

Adding active creative elements to your photos is super easy with Gifx. Certain elements within your photos can be transformed into what seem like portals to another world. For example, you take a picture of your friend next to a window or picture frame, you can add an interesting gif inside the frame of the window or picture next to them which looks like they’re ready to be transported to the twilight zone. If you’re looking to get creative with how you transform your photos or videos, Gifx does deliver—to a certain extent.

A lot of the free elements they give you to use are, well, different. I can’t say a lot of them are anything I would use to add to the photos or videos I’m capturing, but I’ve seen what some users are doing with their media using Gifx and it’s very interesting. I do believe there are a lot of great things you can unlock by purchasing the “Pro Bundle,” but I’m not willing to shell out the money and I haven’t heard back from the email I sent to have them unlocked so I could review them. More importantly though, Gifx and I differ on how to deliver useable content, which for me dramatically impacts my overall enjoyment of an app on my iPhone or iPad.

From the get go, Gifx gives you free GIFs you can use on your photos and videos. There are others available but you must unlock them via in-app purchases or following Gifx on Instagram or giving feedback. If you click “Love it,” you’re taken to the App Store to write  a review, but if you select “Needs work” it starts an email to send them your feedback.

While I understand the “reward” is you get something free for connecting or providing other users or the developer feedback, I just don’t agree with this in practice. I’m a firm believer in if you’ve made a superior app, especially in todays socially connected day and age, people are IMG_3791going to talk, share, and connect with you and provide excellent reviews, as well as provide feedback on ways to improve. I just don’t like the practice of being baited into something for any type of “reward.” It feels like a bad used car salesman has weaseled his way into the App Store.

After downloading the “free but only if you click here content,” I realized it really didn’t unlock anything wonderful. What I really wanted to unlock was going to cost me at least $0.99 or $3.99 for the Pro Bundle. Without this bundle, your video images are low quality and you can’t even save the file as a GIF unless you make some sort of purchase. So after you’ve already followed them on Instagram or provided them feedback in the App Store you find out you can’t save a GIF and only make a low quality video unless you spend some money. Do you feel used yet?

Well, I didn’t and here’s why: you don’t have to follow them on Instagram or provide feedback in the App Store to unlock the subpar content. Just click the appropriate button to metaphorically say, yeah I’ll do that. You’ll be taken out of Gifx to open another application. Simply exit it and reopen Gifx and you’re download should initiate.

It was all starting to make sense how they’ve received hundreds of reviews in such a short period of time.

Lastly, after saving my first video, since I wasn’t going to purchase the “Pro Bundle” to save a GIF, it was clear I wasn’t going to share what I just created on Gifx. The video I created was low quality and had a Gifx watermark on it. If I wanted to improve the quality or get rid of the watermark, it required an in-app purchase.

Look, I love photo editing apps, like really love them. If there’s one thing we do a lot with our iPhones and iPads, it’s take ungodly amounts of photos and videos. It’s no wonder there are tons and tons of photo apps in the App Store. I was even a little hard on Camera+, but I changed my tune after using their app for quite some time, so no app’s safe. But when it comes to Gifx, I really don’t understand why they’re offering the app for free. Just charge me $3.99 from the start and deliver an amazing app without restrictions; it’s really not that hard. I do believe they’re onto something pretty awesome, it’s just the strategy they’re using to get it to the masses seems cheap and downright slimy.

Gifx is a free download in the App Store and in-app purchases are available to enhance your overall experience, which you will need, trust me. Gifx is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

(2 / 5) Concept is great, social tactics seem sketchy, and free options deliver very low quality results and doesn’t have me wanting to spend money on in-app purchases. Take a pass on Gifx if you’re not willing to pay $3.99 right out the gate.Gifx-mask-invert

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