Get Ready for an Immersive Fantasy Adventure in Guardian Stone [New Game]

Are you ready for 65 unique Guardians, 3D stylized art, strategic turn-based combat, vivid animations and electrifying battle animations featuring 120 unique monsters to fight spread across more than 100 hours of storyline for you to discover? Rest your mind and your gaming hands for the next few weeks so you’re ready to experience Guardian Stone.

NHN Entertainment and Toast are in the final stages of a global launch for their smash hit Guardian Stone. This RPG has already achieved chart topping accolades and a #2 ranking of most downloaded iOS and Android game in Korea.

Get ready to experience gameplay which was designed for players to enjoy for months with a storyline and adventure you’ve come to expect on console or PC titles, except this one is for your handheld device.Guardian Stone

Guardian Stone requires an awareness of your teams Heroes’ specific abilities and skills to effectively defeat one of 120 uniquely crafted monsters. There are over 65 unique guardians you’re able to use during gameplay with each one being ranked by Tiers. As you would expect with RPG style gameplay, each Guardian possess different powers and passive abilities and in Guardian Stone this gives you over 150,000 different Guardian team combinations.

When you need break from the main story, make sure to check out weekly PvP contests where you can win massive in-game rewards. Watch your name climb the leaderboard and defeat your rivals in challenging league combat.

If you’d like to pre-register for Guardian Stone and score some unique rewards when it launches, simply visit this link to sign-up with your email address. You’ll receive an email when Guardian Stone is released with a specific promo code to unlock your rewards.

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