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Get Huge Without Hitting a Gym in Agario [App Review]

agario, agario app, app store, app review, agario app review, When it comes to reviewing apps, we like to dig our heels in deep and chew on all the fat an app has to offer. Unfortunately, or fortunately in this case, there’s a lot of fat to chew on in Agario. We don’t mean this in the sense of there’s a lot going on in Agario. What we do mean is the name of the game is to dine on the other players in order to take on some extra weight as you make your way through a game board that’ll remind you of graphing formulas in Algebra—except this time it’s fun.

The browser game phenomenon has found its way into the App Store for even more players to enjoy. Now you don’t need your computer to enjoy Agario. Join other players online around the world on your quest to become the biggest cell on the game board.

If you’re unfamiliar with Agario, your job is to move around the game board and dine on fellow players which allows you to add their mass to yours. You’ll also notice little colored dots which players gobble up to help there cell grow. The larger you are the slower you move around the game board. Larger masses will have a harder time catching up to smaller masses due to vast speed differences. In these cases, you’re waiting for those smaller masses to be cornered or make a mistake so you can have them for lunch.

With Agario available on your iOS devices you can now enjoy all the new controls developed for touchscreen. The Agario app still features all the same functions you saw on the PC version, splitting, shrinking, and dodging tactics.Agario-screen-2

Personalize your mass with special skins and if you use your Facebook account to login to Agario you can save your stats, grab bonus starting mass and get free coins every hour.

Players can gain more coins by watching ads or checking back in after a certain amount of time. If you don’t feel like jumping through all the hoops to collect coins, Agario does have in-app purchases available for you to quickly boost your coin count. Use those coins you’ve banked to personalize your cell, start games with mass boosts, or bump up your experience for a certain amount of time.

Controlling your cell mass is extremely easy by simply touching the direction you want it to travel on the screen. Buttons on the bottom of the screen allow you to execute actions to split and eject some of your mass to gobble up another cell. It takes just a couple rounds of gameplay to familiarize yourself with Agario’s controls.

I’m always looking for games to cure my cravings for quick fix arcade style gamesAgario definitely helps curb this craving while also being a lot of fun to play. The concept is so basic and yet so addictive. A little piece of advice, which I learned the hard way a couple times, watch where you tap on the screen while in tight situations. There were times I accidentally split my mass into tiny pieces and was quickly gobbled up by players in my vicinity.

Head over to the App Store to download Agario for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Agario is also available in the Google Play store for Android devices. If you’d like to check out Agario without having to download the app, check out Poki where you can play for free right now.

(4 / 5) Survival of the fittest turned on it’s head!

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