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Last night my wife and I watched a documentary called Happywhich, if you couldn’t already tell, discussed happiness. It was very entertaining and gave me a different perspective on achieving happiness in my life. Though most of the stories shared around the world were interesting, it gave you an idea of how people in different cultures and socioeconomic statuses gauge happiness. Information shared very early on in Happy made me think about how difficult it can be for all of us to achieve happiness and how our iOS devices could help bring more joy to our lives.

According to research presented in Happy, 50 percent of our happiness comes from genetics, which is described as our set point. Each persons set point is the fixed average of happiness a person will feel based on genetics alone. Making up only 10 percent of your overall happiness is circumstances. This happiness comes from income, where you live, age, social status, etc. Many people are surprised items in this category only account for 10 percent of your happiness. Finally, 40 percent of your overall happiness is based on intentional activities. These are actions you choose to take part in which bring you joy and make you feel good.happy-pie

If 50 percent of your overall happiness is based on genetics and 40 percent is based on intentional activities you choose to take part in, why are we so fixated on the other 10 percent? What we should be fixated on is participating in activities that bring us the most joy.

Since I’m constantly focused on ways my iPhone or iPad can further integrate into my life, I immediately thought of an app currently in development called Nobly. This indie app is solely focused on good deeds and random acts of kindness.

I’m sure nearly all of us have heard of others doing nice things for people. I would be shocked to learn if you hadn’t engaged in one yourself at some point in your life. Nobly wants to bridge the gap between those wanting to do good deeds and those needing some generosity in their lives.

So how does it work? Think about all the snow the East Coast received over the past few months. If someone needed help shoveling their driveway because they’re disabled or a recent health condition hinders them from completing this task, they could post on Nobly with the hope that someone would be willing to do a good deed and lend them a hand.Nobly_iPhone_6_Screenshot

The great thing about Nobly is you can challenge others to do a good deeds as well through the app, which can start a chain reaction. Remember how the “Ice Bucket Challenge” went viral? It raised millions of dollars for a great cause. Nobly is the perfect platform to find, share, or start something good which can impact one person or millions of people.

You can turn on the TV or read the newspaper and see all the bad things happening in the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could discover all the good things taking place and become a part of it?

Developers at Nobly reached out to iOS Etc to beta test Nobly and help them expose it to the world. I thoroughly enjoy discovering great apps to share with others and I’m excited to see where this app takes us. One single deed or act of kindness has the potential of reaching numerous people and sparking positive change.

The overall message in the movie Happy is for us to focus on doing intentional activities since these actions add the most to our happiness. Focusing on income, social status, how big your house is, etc., adds very little to your overall happiness. If more of us focused on intentional activities to bring more joy into our lives this world could be a better place. Nobly is a tool you’ll be able to use in the future if you find helping others is something that would bring you happiness.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet for Nobly but developers are working long hours to get it in the App Store. As soon as we get information on its release date we will definitely share it with you. Make sure to subscribe to iOS Etc on the right side of this page to get an email as soon as new information is posted. You can also like iOS Etc on Facebook  or follow us on Twitter  to receive updates. We’ve got a lot of new and exciting information in the works to share with you when it comes to your iOS devices. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

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