Get Collectable Card Game Outcast Odyssey for Free on iOS and Android Right Now [News]

Outcast OdysseyIf you’re looking for a deep collectable card game on iOS and Android, look no further than Outcast Odyssey, which provides a sizeable single player campaign and plenty of PvP.

You can collect over 300 different cards to combine into a deck powerful enough to defeat any opponent. All cards can also be evolved and fused to increase their power – which is a vital part of building a strong deck.

However, if you want to build the ultimate deck, you’ll have to master the special abilities. These are incredibly useful in the more difficult fights, and can be combined to produce a greater effect.

The single player mode contains over 40 islands to explore, and each of them has hidden treasure to find, unique enemies to fight, and challenging dungeons to raid.

Outcast Odyssey

You can also compete with other players in the arena, or join a guild and make new friends to discuss deck building with.

If rewards are what you’re after, you can earn them by completing achievements. These are incorporated in throughout the game, and you’ll earn some neat badges for completing them.

Outcast Odyssey is an innovative combination of card battling, dungeon crawling, and RPG, and will please fans of all those genres.

Get Outcast Odyssey for free right now in the App Store or Google Play.

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