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gemini 2About a year ago I had to breakdown and purchase a new MacBook Pro. My excitement to jump online and purchase a new device quickly dissolved after seeing how pricey my new laptop was going to be. My needs have evolved since my last purchase so I needed a MacBook Pro to smoothly handle everything I was throwing at it. This meant a bigger processor, more RAM, and enough storage. Although I was willing to pay the higher price for processing and RAM, I couldn’t stomach just how much extra 1TB flash storage was going to cost me. A sacrifice was made and I went with the 512GB flash storage.

Dieting for me is hard and watching what my computer is consuming is even harder. Thankfully I rediscovered Gemini 2 by MacPaw to help reclaim some space on my MacBook Pro.

Reclaiming hard drive space is time consuming and amazingly boring when done manually. I could spend a day or two going through my laptop deleting duplicate photos and files, but I don’t have the time. Identifying duplicate copies of documents and media is a daunting and difficult task. Here’s where Gemini 2 swoops in and saves the days.

How Gemini 2 Works

One thing I worry about when it comes to this type of software is improperly deleting files which aren’t true duplicates. With Gemini 2 you can put your mind at ease since there are about a dozen different parameters used to correctly identify true duplicates.

User interface is clean, easy to use, and visually pleasing. Gemini 2 opens to a gray screen with a large plus button. Use the plus button to add or simply drop a file folder or drive you need reviewed. As Gemini 2 scans it maps out the duplicates and shares the results with you in different colors via a circular ring.

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Scroll over a different color to review scan results and double click to compare files side-by-side. Use side-by-side comparisons to check the file size, modification date, dimensions, and file path. When it comes to identifying duplicate videos and photos, the information Gemini 2 gives you is vital to identifying files you don’t want to delete.

If you prefer to limit your search results you can search for specific file types or names by typing specific criteria in the search field in comparison results.

If you prefer to live on the wild side select “Smart Cleanup” to place duplicate files in the Trash. You’ll still need to empty the Trash folder to remove duplicates and free up space. Those who prefer a safer approach to deleting files can modify where duplicates are placed after review. Jump into Preferences > Removal > Move to folder. You’ll need to identify a folder the files will be moved to. You’ll also notice in Preferences you can select to remove files completely without moving them to the Trash folder. I would highly recommend not selecting this option unless you want to play Russian Roulette with your files.

Exact Duplicates v. Similar Files

The first couple times using Gemini 2 I thoroughly reviewed exact duplicates and similar files. Why, even though I trust Gemini 2 to make smart decisions, I don’t want it to make any mistakes with my photos, videos, and music.

Although I’m extremely happy with how great Gemini 2 is at detecting duplicates, there are times when it recognizes similar items you might want to keep. Generally these files were songs that shared similar names or photos with slight adjustments or same posing. In these cases, you might want to keep these files rather than deleting them. Careful consideration should be taken when deleting photos, unless you’re comfortable with losing these files.

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So with this in mind, exact duplicates represents exactly what it means, exact matches. Similar files are potential duplicates with slight variances. These are the files you need to be very careful with. You could potentially remove files you want to keep. By taking a little extra time to review these results you’ll save yourself a ton of heartache when you realize your mistake.

Worth it?

Although the newest version of Gemini 2 is double the price, I believe it’s well worth it. Storage space is at a premium and reclaiming it will take a fair amount of your time. Within about 7 minutes, Gemini 2 was able to identify about 35GB of duplicate files. I took about 25 minutes to review a lot of the files identified before removing roughly 20GB worth of duplicate data.

I knew when I purchased my new MacBook with less storage it would require me to run a little more lean when it came to storing files. Old habits die hard and I’ve yet to adapt to a healthier computing lifestyle. Gemini 2 lets me save space intelligently and, most importantly, it’s there for me when I come crying about running out of storage space. Gemini 2 is that friend who’s always there for you even though you don’t listen to their sound advice.

Final Thoughts

To be completely honest, deleting files using Gemini 2 is intimidating at first, especially when it comes to photos. Even when I’m not using Gemini 2 I’m concerned about permanently deleting something I’ll need later. After getting used to how Gemini 2functions, I’m very comfortable using this software to reclaim storage space effectively.

Take some time getting used to interfacing with Gemini 2, it will pay off huge storage dividends down the road. Currently I’m checking in with Gemini 2 twice a month to go through duplicate photos. This allows me to get used to using the software while cautiously deleting photos. In the long run this will help me delete files more effectively and efficiently since I’m familiar with using it.

If you’re running out of space and you can’t seem to understand why, chances are you could get rid of some duplicate files. I was stunned to have 35GB worth of possible duplicate files and was able to clear out 20GB in less than a half hour.

Gemini 2 is available to download on the MacPaw website. If you’re one the fence about Gemini 2, give the free download a try and purchase a license from the application. A license for one Mac will only set you back $19.95, two macs $29.95, or five Macs $44.95.

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