Gameloft Switches Gears With ‘Asphalt Overdrive’ [New Game]

AsphaltOverdriveIconGameloft gives the Asphalt racing series franchise its first ever spinoff with the new game Asphalt Overdrive. This high speed white-knuckle game features a few 80’s inspired features. Lay some rubber or grind through gears with fully-licensed cars as you make your way across California’s most scenic highways in the 80’s. Enjoy the views in your super car while you nod you head to Asphalt Overdrives 80’s inspired soundtrack. If you didn’t grow up in the 80’s, get a taste of just how awesome they were, only you’ll get to enjoy this time period with an amazing car as you accomplish missions, challenges and sub-missions. The only thing you’ll be missing while playing this 80’s inspired racing game is the all white suit with a bright colored shirt underneath. If you raid your fathers stash of clothes in the basement, you just might be able to look the part too.

Enjoy mission based progression through various gameplays: getaways, stunt runs, destruction, restriction runs, and boss fights. Challenge the Turf boss in order to unlock the next area. Once you’ve unlocked the next area, be sure and challenge the boss to a re-match to get his car.

Game controls are simple and familiar by swiping left or right to change lanes and take down cars. Want to perform some stunts while you’re playing? That’s easy too, just swipe up or on the sides and you’ll turn heads as you tear-up the roads.

Asphalt Overdrive has leagues which allows you to compete against one another. These competitions unlocks promotions to higher leagues. Join gangs and connect with other players. Earn rewards and get access to exclusive cooperative events. For once it pays to run with the wrong crowd, but only in Asphalt Overdrive.

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