Gameloft Produces A RPG Crowd Pleaser With Dungeon Gems [New App]

DungeonGemIconLast week at E3, Gameloft introduced visitors to a new RPG game called Dungeon Gems that wowed the crowds. This free-to-play puzzle-solving game features rich RPG elements coupled with stunning artwork that’s pleasing to the eyes. Choose from many different heroes as you fight your way through the dungeons where you’ll face elemental creatures and demons to square off against. Turn your hero into legends as you battle your way through Dungeon Gems.

I’ve only had a day to play Dungeon Gems, but I must say it’s pretty impressive! I can honestly say I’m not much of a RPG player, but I found myself wanting to play more dungeon levels to see more of the impressive 3D monsters and dragons you battle throughout the game. Attacks must be carefully thought out to inflict the mosts damage while not wasting your attack opportunities.

Throughout your heroes journey, players are able to level up their characters to help them defeat more advanced enemies they face in each subsequent dungeon. With more than 200 unique heroes to choose from, players won’t quickly run out of strategic ways to play Dungeon Gems since each hero has their own strength and weaknesses when it comes to battling their enemies. Make sure to invite your friends to play so you can team-up together and defeat your foes.

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