Game of Thrones ringtone

Game of Thrones Ringtone


There are so many great shows on television to watch and with season four of Game of Thrones just starting, Sunday nights are something to celebrate. Well, that is until you realize you have to work in the morning! To tide you over till next Sunday, download the Game of Thrones ringtone for your iPhone. Every time you hear it you’ll get more excited for the weekend. In order to get this on your iPhone, you must download it to a computer you sync your iPhone with. After you download the ringtone, open the file and it will automatically transfer it to iTunes. Once transferred you will see it under “Tones.” Now connect your iPhone to your computer and select it from the list of devices that are connected to iTunes. Next, select the tones tab to view all the ringtones you have available to sync to your iPhone.  Finally, check the box next to Game of Thrones and sync your device. After syncing you can select this ringtone in the settings of your iPhone. If you’re a fan of AMC’s Mad Men or the Netflix original series House of Cards, I have ringtones for those shows as well and you can download them for free (Mad Men ringtone or House of Cards ringtone). Make sure to share them with other fans, but only after they hear your sweet new ringtone. You’ll look like you’re the one who knows more about their favorite shows.

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Download the GoT ringtone here.

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  1. Anna Reply

    Hi Jeremy. The GoT ringtone link for the zip file isn’t working. It takes me to a 404 page not found error. Any chance you could look into this, I would love to have it! thanks

  2. Thank you so much, this worked great!

  3. amanda Reply

    bit disappointed to find out that it only goes for 40 seconds as opposed to the full 1.40 = (

    • Unfortunately cellular carriers limit the amount of time your phone can ring for each call you receive. Instead of making a file that was 1:40 long, I figured it would be courteous and storage friendly to make a smaller file since no users would be able to listen to the entire song anyways.

  4. Kim Reply

    I’ve downloaded it but it doesn’t go to my iTunes. 🙁

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