Force An iCloud Sync [Just A Tip]

iCloudIconSomething I’ve noticed in the past is iCloud doesn’t always act the way I want it too. What I mean by that is I can enter my work schedule in the Calendar app, but it doesn’t show-up very quickly across all my other devices. There is a quick and easy way to force iCloud to sync new information to those devices logged into iCloud.

In order to force iCloud to sync, you must open the Calendar app and tap “Calendars” at the bottom of the screen. Next, simply place your finger on the screen and pull down. You should notice two spinning gears after doing this: one next to the time at the top of the screen and one underneath “Calendars.” This lets you know your iPhone or iPad is performing a sync and all the new information should be available in iCloud. The slideshow below shows you the screens you’ll see when performing a forced iCloud sync.

You may have to do this more than once if you recently entered a lot of information. Typically it takes more than just a few seconds to sync lots of new information to and from iCloud. If you just added a large amount of new information, it wouldn’t hurt to force another sync just to make sure everything was pushed to iCloud. If everything still isn’t showing up on your iOS devices, simply power those devices you’re having any issues with off and back on. In most situations, this clears up any glitches or hangups and syncs everything up fairly quickly.

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