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Find  Friends has slowly worked its way into part of my daily routine. I hadn’t really even noticed this app until about 3 months ago when I just happened to open it on my iPhone. After I started setting it up, I began wondering why or how I would use this at all. Since I don’t have kids and I couldn’t think of a time I would need to know a friends location right away, I was puzzled. Eventually I found a simple task Find Friends could do for me when called upon.

I’ve noticed the more I’ve embraced being connected to social media, the more I am looking to stay updated with news, technology, sports, emails, and work related issues. I’m sure all of us can remember the time a family member makes a remark about us being constantly on our phones. Getting engrossed in internet connected technology is extremely easy to do nowadays. For me, and probably you too, I’ve created my own monster. Don’t get me wrong, I find enjoyment in being “in the know” about things, but has it gone too far?

Text messaging has come a long way for a lot of people too. I can remember being offered a texting plan years ago and thinking, “Why would I pay for that when I can just call?!” Shortly thereafter, I added a text plan to my cellular service and I cannot imagine life without texting. It offers such a quick way to get communication back and forth. This is where I’ve found my use for Find Friends.

My wife and I have different jobs, schedules, and routines.  On the days we work, we are pushed in different directions. The one constant we share in our routine is making sure we let the other one know when we arrive at our destination. May seem crazy to constantly feel like you have to “check in” with one another, but it offers us both piece of mind to know the other is safe. There is the inevitability of forgetting to check in with your loved ones however. This is where Find Friends  comes in handy for us. Instead of having to send a text message and wait for a reply, since sometimes we cannot respond right away, Find Friends allows us to quickly see if the other has made it safely.

Setting Find Friends up is very simple. You will need to be running iOS 6 or later across those devices you wish to use it on. I have it on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini, which are running 7.0.4. Find Friends was recently updated. The one noticeable difference is those you’re following will have their contact picture showing up on the map rather than a blue or pink dot. The list setup on the iPad is different than in the previous version. I must say I like the previous version setup on the iPad. In the older version it showed the map and the list on the screen together. Now it shows the map and you must select the list icon to view your friends.

So, once again I’ve found myself embracing another aspect of my iOS device. With constant iOS advances, and technology in general, I find myself wondering what the next thing is that I will find myself reaching for in my daily life. Only a few short years ago, I thought there couldn’t be anything else I would need in my life to make me more comfy. My parents used to joke with me when I was younger saying how quick technology was advancing that cars would be flying by the time I was able to drive. As much as I would like for that to be true, I’m extremely happy with where we are instead.

How do you use Find Friends?

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