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Fiz_Fuz_IconFiz Fuz has the potential to become the infomercial you want to watch, but in app form. With all the great ways to purchase items using your smartphone or tablet, here’s another one. Instead of a typical listing you see on apps like EbayAmazon, or letgoFiz Fuz lets you add a recorded video or live-stream your product listing.

How Does Fiz Fuz Work (for buyers)?

When it comes to purchasing an item on Fiz Fuz, it couldn’t be easier. Scroll through available items for sale, tap on an item that catches your eye to view either a video or a live-stream of the listing. Next, tap on “Buy Now” to purchase any item not set to an auction format.

If you haven’t already, you must setup an account using options like FacebookTwitterGoogle, email, etc. Next you’ll need to verify your account via email or text message. Once your account is verified you’re taken to a screen where you input shipping information (as of right now purchase price includes shipping). On the final page you’re taken to a payment page where you’ll input credit card information which is processed via Stripe.

Fiz Fuz allows you to browse as a guest, but in order to purchase or sell anything, one must setup and verify their account. Viewing and buying via Fiz Fuz couldn’t be easier!

How Does Fiz Fuz Work (for sellers)?

As I just mentioned you can browse as a guest when purchasing. As a seller you must setup an account using one of the many different sign-in options. Before you can list an item for sale you must verify your account.

Once verification is complete you can list an item by tapping the “Sell” button. Enter the name and description of the item you’re selling. Next you’ll need to choose whether you want to add a pre-recorded video to the listing or add one while inside Fiz Fuz. You can also choose to live-stream your item for sale, but with Fiz Fuz being a newer app you probably won’t get very many viewers.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate video option you’ll need to decide whether you want to sell your item for a fixed price or auction style. Auction style listings require a little more information, minimum price as well as start and end dates.

Finally you’ll need to agree to the commission schedule through Stripe. Fees are relatively low at 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge. This means if you sell an item for $19.99 you’ll pay 58¢ (2.9% of $19.99) + 30¢ for a total of 88¢.



As a consumer, I’m always in the market for finding a good deal on my must have items. Fiz Fuz is a great new way for buyers and sellers to connect. I really enjoy the idea of meeting the person I’m buying via the videos they post with their product. Fiz Fuz feels like a more personal shopping experience than clicking a username to learn more about them.

Scrolling through items available for sale is reminiscent of your social media feeds, but as their user base grows, Fiz Fuz must integrate search and filter functions. Since the overall amount of items for sale is low, this is a moot point. How this impacts overall functionality is yet to be seen, but will be imperative for continued success.

The best overall feature for functionality is the videos sellers add to the listing. This givers sellers a great tool to get creative and connect with potential buyers.

Finally, the payment process is quick and easy for buyers. When you decide to make a purchase, you’ll make your way through the payment process very quickly. Sellers enjoy the convenience of using Stripe too. Fiz Fuz realizes there are more payment options available, which many enjoy, and they’re bringing them onboard soon.

Fiz Fuz Pros

  • Quick and easy way to buy and sell products
  • Videos in listings are great for both buyers and sellers
  • Fresh new way to buy and sell using mobile devices
  • Great user interface
  • Numerous sign-in options
  • See exactly who you’re buying from
  • Customer service department to help mitigate any disputes among buyers and sellers

Fiz Fuz Cons

  • New way of purchasing so buyers must be aware of scams
  • No current buyer protection plan, but it’s in the works
  • The featured image screenshot on the available items feed is rather poor. This doesn’t entice buyers to tap on an item if they can’t decipher what they’re looking at.
  • No buyer/seller rating system as of yet

Ease of Use

If you use TwitterInstagram, or Facebook, you’re already a pro at Fiz Fuz. Everything is presented as a scrollable feed with item names and pricing available before you tap to watch a the video.

Once you tap to learn more about an item, the video or live-stream starts playing right away. Those items with a video play on loop so if you missed something, just wait for the video to start over again.

Creative sellers can use the video feature to their advantage to show off their product or connect with potential buyers.

Fiz Fuz has a share button which allows you to post the item to FacebookTwitter, email to a friend, or you can send it to Reminders. The great thing about sending it to Reminders is you can receive a notification when you need to review the item again. How is this useful? What if you’ve spotted something you think might be great to give as a gift? If you send it to Reminders you can setup a location or time to remind you again so you can ask if this is something a friend or loved one would like to receive.

The checkout process for buyers is amazingly fast with Stripe. There are no fees associated with using Stripe as a buyer. Other payment options are coming soon if you’re not familiar with Stripe. This update will give buyers more flexibility to use funds in other online accounts.

Fiz Fuz is super easy to use and feels very familiar. It just needs more users to get the party started, so make sure and share some information about it with your circle of friends!

Final Thoughts

As a consumers you’re always on the lookout for what you want at a price that’s affordable. The great thing about technology nowadays is there are so many options out their to help you find exactly what you want or need. Fiz Fuz is a great way for you to buy and sell items right from your smartphone or tablet. The days of snapping photos with your camera, loading them on your computer, logging into your Ebay account and creating a listing are over. Quickly shoot a video of your product, introduce yourself to buyers and list your item in minutes. It’s super simple!

With Fiz Fuz being a relatively new application in the App Store, their user base is rather low right now. One could argue you’re able to score some great products at a good price.

Fiz Fuz definitely needs to give some attention to the resolution of the featured screenshots of available items for sale. The resolution of the video is great once viewing a video, which is great but there’s a lot to be desired on the main feed itself. There were times I had a hard time making out exactly what the product was until tapping to learn more.

If there is a buyer and seller issue, Fiz Fuz does have a customer service team to help mitigate any problems. It should be noted that currently there are no buyer protection programs in place. Talks are in the works for securing buyer protection policies for Fiz Fuz which should be in place in 2017.

Where to Find Fiz Fuz?

Fiz Fuz is definitely an up and coming application to keep an eye on. New items for sale are showing up all the time which means more users are coming to this marketplace to spend their hard earned money. As more payment options become available and buyer protections policies are in place, I believe Fiz Fuz will see a surge in users.

Fiz Fuz is a free download in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Check it out, you just might find something you can’t live without. You’ll be surprised just how fast you can purchase it too.

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