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Last_Horizon_IconOur iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allow us to connect with the world through email and social media but also help us escape from reality with all the games available in the App Store. Less than a month ago an app debuted in the App Store from Pixeljam called Last Horizon which lets you blast off further into space. This game is an addictive out of this world experience as you travel from planet to planet to in an attempt to rebuild.

The premise of Last Horizon is you’re the pilot of the last rocket ship from a fallen civilization in deep space. Your mission is to travel the vast unknown to find a new habitable planet. To survive, your rocket ship must stop on different planets to replenish fuel and oxygen.

In order to create a habitable planet you must gather terraforming resources from other planets. If you take too much from any given planet you could face dire consequences from sentient aliens.

You’ll notice from your initial blast off from the fallen civilization that minding your rockets controls is going to take some getting used to. The left side of the screen allows you to control turning left or right and the right side of the screen provides thrust. It will take you some time to master your touch once the gravity from other planets starts to pull you in. Some planets have more gravitational pull than others, so approach each new planet with caution since a rocky landing will destroy the last rocket ship from your mother planet and you’ll have to start all over again.

Arrows on the side of your screen indicates planets located on the horizon as well as available resources on said planet. Some are friendly planets with the exact resources you’ll need to flourish and succeed whereas others may not be so friendly. Planets containing terraforming resources are what you’ll need to start a new civilization, but make sure not to take too much from these planets since they must survive after your departure.

Throughout gameplay you’re presented with obstacles which will attempt to finish you off for good. There are moons revolving around planets, astroid belts, astroids, black holes, and much more to navigate around and avoid during your travels.

The overall layout is simple yet visually stunning which reminds me of the smash hit Monument Valley! A dark black screen is suddenly filled with wonderful color as you approach different planets that’ll help you survive or finish you off. Last Horizon offers gamers a well balanced feast for the eyes.Last Horizon, Last Horizon app, App Store Last Horizon

When I think of space I imagine it being eerily quiet. Last Horizon features deep ambient music and with great sound effects to set the tone while you play. While at home I played without headphones, but while at work I enjoyed wearing my headphones which made the overall experience even better. It takes quite a bit of finesse and focus to bounce from planet to planet for survival. While wearing headphones, I felt as though I was totally engulfed in Last Horizon.

As you progress deeper into space, there are more obstacles to avoid. It feels as though you’re constantly honing your rocket ship control skills.

There are four different flights you can enjoy on Last Horizon: A, B, C, and X. Each new flight is more difficult and will only be unlocked after a certain point during gameplay in the lower flight level.

Planets you interact with in Last Horizon are unique. Some possess different resources whereas others feature difficult topography to navigate around while landing. Your reward on each planet is the resources they possess, so make sure you’re landing on a planet that’ll replenish your needs.

When you run out of fuel or oxygen your turn has ended. If you take on too much damage to your ship you’re toast too. There are other surprises waiting for you in Last Horizon and I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll let you discover them on your own.

Last Horizon is a tremendously fun and challenging game while also being amazingly addictive. It’s not flashy at all yet it’s visually pleasing on many different levels. The sound effects and music in the game add some flare and make sure to enjoy it a few times with headphones, you won’t be disappointed.

If I had to pick on Last Horizon at all it would be how small the text is on the screen during gameplay. You’re presented with vital information but it can be hard to read (even on my iPhone 6s Plus). I started playing Last Horizon on my iPad and noticed a vast improvement in the ability to read information more clearly.

If you’re looking for a challenge, Last Horizon delivers. It’s one of those games you’ll pick up and put down numerous times throughout your day in an effort to kill time. Last Horizon is a universal app in the App Store for only $2.99. You can also find it in the Google Play store and there’s a version you can play for free over at Poki. Check it out now for free and you’ll be heading over to your app store to download it on your smartphone shortly thereafter.

(5 / 5) An addictive out of this world experience!

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