To-Do Checklist, app review

Finally, Stay On Top of Your To-Do List [App Review]

To-Do Checklist Icon, To-Do Checklist, app reviewDo you have a running checklist in your head of things you need to get done? We’re all constantly moving in different directions and sometimes we forget some very important things which simply must get done. I’ve started to realize over the past year and a half just how much I actually forget to do. Some things are minuscule whereas others are major. It’s embarrassing at times since I used to feel like I was on top of everything. My climbing age coupled with reshuffling priorities has opened the door to unwanted forgetfulness.

There is a solution and it puts my most coveted devices to work for me through To Do Checklist by KeepSolid, formerly Simplex Solutions. iOS Etc previously reviewed their app Private Browser and we loved it, so we asked them to throw more great apps at us—hello To Do Checklist.

The very first time I opened this productivity application, I knew we were going to get along great. For me simplicity is key when it comes to productivity apps. If a productivity app is too pretty or busy, I must delete it right away since it’s only going to cut down on my productivity time. While interacting with a productivity app, you should feel like you’re a member of a Navy Seal Team—your objective is extremely important and getting it done quickly without any errors is a top priority.

To Do Checklist lets you easily add new task to specific lists so you can quickly keep track of what needs to get done. For example, when I have something important to do when I get home, I add this items to my Home list and set a reminder to alert me as soon as I get within a specific distance from my house. Now when I arrive home, a notification is waiting for me as soon as I get out of my car.To-Do Checklist, app review

Do you own an Watch? To Do Checklist will send you notifications if you add the app to your watch. Armed with your Watch and To Do Checklist, now you can see what needs to get done even faster when you receive task notifications right on your wrist. I usually put my iPhone in my bag when I leave work and sometimes I don’t see notifications until I’ve already sat down to relax.

Location reminders aren’t the only setting you can enable on To Do Checklist to keep you on the ball. You can easily set a reminder date for a specific task too. Also, location reminders can be set to notify you when you leave a specific location too—super handy!

While reviewing To Do Checklist, each task I set to receive a notification went off without a problem. On our recent trip out of town to Geneva Lake in Wisconsin where my wife’s family owns a lake house, I needed to take care of a few things as soon as we arrived and I was worried about receiving notifications since cellular data service is spotty there and it relies on location services for these notifications. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues, but I also widened the radius of the notification area to mitigate any service issues—which comes in handy for situations like this.

Another great feature To Do Checklist offers is the ability to share tasks with others. This is accomplished via email or Facebook. I didn’t utilize this feature since the current tasks I have listed are for me to complete.To-Do Checklist, app review

For the most part To Do Checklist is pretty flawless, but one thing I noticed while using my iPhone 6 Plus is the number of items I have in a task list overlaps the arrow next to a list category. Not a huge issue, just a minor annoyance and I’m not sure if this is only noticeable on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Another minor annoyance is receiving a notification to plan the days affairs. I know I need to get things done and I’ll let you know if I need you To Do Checklist. Let me interact with you on my own time please—sigh.

Lastly, there are four notifications that won’t clear unless you interact with them. Three notifications are for you to share To Do Checklist on social media accounts and the last one is to review the app. I get they’re only trying to get information out about this great productivity app, but it’s always annoying to have numbers hovering over an app on the home screen. It draws your eyes to the app icon and it breaks my iPhone browsing stride.

Overall To Do Checklist is a great productivity app to use to keep you on track. I setup an account with KeepSolid and all my tasks and lists are synced across all my devices, which is great. I do like interacting with To Do Checklist on my iPad. With more screen real estate it offers up more transparency about what I need to get done.To-Do Checklist, app review

To Do Checklist is available right now in the App Store for free with in-app purchases available to transform you into a to-do list champion. Try it for free for 10 days and then decide if you’d like to buy a subscription for a month, year or up to three years. If you find you’re on top of tasks like never before, it’s money well spent!

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Easily transform To-Do lists to Totally-Done lists!

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  1. Mark L Reply

    To Do Checklist seems like the perfect app to keep the schedules for the day in place. Will definitely try it out as I have a lot on my to-do list everyday and sometimes it does become tough to remember whether I am done for the day or is there still something remaining. Here I would like to suggest another recently launched IPhone app, Klok which when used together with To Do Checklist will greatly boost productivity further. Klok, is a world time converter app, developed by a Singapore based company buUuk, that lets you view world time across all time zones easily! Best part, it can be added as a widget to your iPhone’s Today view from where you can access world time without unlocking the phone! Also looking forward to the Apple Watch version of the app. Can’t wait to equip my Watch with a lethal combination of apps to conquer my daily tasks!

  2. Frank Roberts Reply

    I haven’t use this to do app yet but looking promising

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