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Throughout the years of using iOS devices, I’ve always thought of different tweaks to improve upon the software or the product in general. Sometimes I felt like sharing my ideas, whereas other times I felt someone else would eventually tell them exactly what I was thinking. Is five minutes out of my day really that much to ask if I want a product I interact with throughout my day to get better? Absolutely not. I’ve become more vocal as my investment in these products has grown. If you’re putting your money and time into a product and you feel it can be improved upon, you need to let the company know; your next purchase may depend upon it.


I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the iPhone 3G & 3GS. I loved the feel and sleekness of it and since it was my first smartphone, I’m probably a little bias. As much as I was in love with these iPhones, there was one thing I couldn’t stand about it. The cheap volume button on the side. Seriously, it looked like something McDonald’s puts on the side of their Happy Meal toys that produce sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if the McDonald’s volume button guru was working for Apple at the time it was designed. The other thing that drove me up a wall about this feature was how often it seemed to break or come loose, which resulted in intermittently working properly. I must have replaced my iPhone 3G 3-4 times throughout owning that model. I had thought of switching at one point before I saw the iPhone 4 design. It appeared my feedback had been heard loud and clear.

Having gone into the Apple Store to replace my iPhone 3G numerous times, I eventually started venting to the techs. I am sure they’d heard the story thousands of times, but I was sick and tired of having to backup my phone before I came in and then going back home and restoring from a backup. It took forever! When I would vent about my issues with the phone, they would always direct me to the Apple website feedback section. Finally I caved and sent a quick blurb about my disgust with this ongoing issue I was having and how I thought it should be improved upon.


I was absolutely stunned when the iPhone 4 pictures were released. My exact thinking on how the volume button should look was staring right at me on my computer screen. I’ve always felt the buttons on the side of the iPhone should be independent of one another and it appeared that’s what they’d just done with the update. I’d be kidding myself if I thought I was the sole push behind this change, but Apple was replacing tons of iPhone’s with volume and ring button issues back then. I’m not sure if the same problems exist today, but I have yet to find myself in the Apple Store with the same problems from my iPhone 4 or 5. I know a lot of people were complaining about this, or at least that’s what the Apple tech told me at the time, probably to get me to shut up. I’m sure numerous people submitted feedback about this issue and since it was probably costing Apple money to constantly replace phones out with this issue, they decided to go for something more reliable.

The fact of the matter is, your feedback just might be extremely important to validate improvements to your beloved products. I’m not just speaking about Apple here. If you’re enjoying something you’ve purchased, you should let the company know. If you feel you’d love it even more if some changes were made, you should get in touch with them and share your idea. If there’s a heavy push for a product to be improved upon, I’m positive they’ll look into it since it may result in repeat customers for them. So if you’re reading this Apple, when you up the screen size on the iPhone, I want to be able to switch from portrait to landscape mode on the home screen. I really enjoy it on the iPad and want to see it on the iPhone.

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