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Have you ever tripped onto an app and wondered, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?!” I recently found myself thinking that when I downloaded Apps Gone Free. After roaming around Twitter for hours, I clicked on a Tweet from @AppAdvice. On their profile, I found a homepage and decided to spend some time checking them out.

AppAdvice sports a lot of news on their homepage all pertaining to Apple. It’s like a one stop shop for all Apple news. Once you get done chewing on all the information about Apple, venture over to some other pages to checkout app reviews, app lists, app charts, etc. They really have a lot of great information for the iOS environment. I actually watched the “Weekend Sale Blowout and iPad Mini Giveaway,” after which I sent out a tweet to enter to win an iPad Mini with Retina.

After getting so much good information from all the other pages, I decided to checkout their app in the App Store. Their app is called Apps Gone Free and it gives you daily apps that have slashed their prices to the low rockbottom price of free in order to get accelerated exposure to iOS users. If there’s an app you would like to see on Apps Gone Free, you can AppBump it. AppBump is a way to submit information about an app you like and you feel should be considered to be bumped. AppBump has an advocate that will work with the developer to see if they can let the app go for free for a limited amount of time. This allows the Apps Gone Free environment an opportunity to check other apps out that like minded individuals have already taken a look at and are worth downloading and checking out. It’s a great way for developers to get iOS user exposure.

One reason I wanted to start this website was to get information out to people about apps I recently purchased. There is so much information out their to take in and it requires everyday people getting their hands dirty and then sharing their knowledge with all of us. AppAdvice is a site after my heart and I am trying to make it their daily to drink in their knowledge. So far, I’ve always come back thirsty for more.

AppAdvice website: http://appadvice.com

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