Fedeen Games Is Giving Away ‘A Few Days Left’ for Free [News]

A-Few-Days-Left-IconFedeen Games is wishing everyone a Happy Easter by giving away A Few Days Left for free in the App Store. This must-play action game would normally set you back $3.99, but from now until April 15th you can snag it for free!

A Few Days Left is a visual stunner you’ll enjoy playing on your iPhone and iPad with crisp graphics thanks to Unreal Engine, a design suite full of development tools developers can use in their applications.

If you’re unfamiliar with A Few Days Left  you’ll quickly discover you’re in the midst of a viral outbreak and it’s up to you to save humanity from the brink of extinction. You must arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons and gear which best suits your killing style. Use your skills and tactics in oder to conquer traps and solve difficult puzzles to save us all.IMG_4905

Key Features:

  • Tight and responsive touch controls
  • Tons of in-game familiars and enemies to interact with and battle
  • 11 different chapters with increasingly progressive difficulty
  • 11 upgradeable weapons
  • Wide selection of tactical gear
  • Intense action fused with platforming and puzzles
  • Engrossing plot with cinematic cut scenes

Be sure and head over to the App Store and download A Few Days Left before this free offer expires.

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