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eyegamesDo you remember the excitement you felt passing by a video game store at the mall? Man I sure do! It was one of my favorite things growing up. Even though 99 percent of the time I didn’t get a new game, the excitement to just go in and look around always consumed me. Although I don’t feel the same excitement today, it still is a lot of fun to check out what’s going on in the gaming world. If you would like to feel as though you’re exploring game titles as if you were at the game store, an app called EyeGames might be what you’ve been waiting for.


EyeGames let’s you explore over 32,000 video game titles, trailers, screenshots, and more. Stay in the gaming loop once you select the devices you own since results are filtered based on your selections. Find out what’s coming soon or a new release. When you select the trending category, you’re able to focus on what the gaming world is talking about.

I remember one of my favorite things to do at the video game store was to stare at the television screens where trailers and gameplay played continuously. EyeGames has YouTube and Twitch links in game descriptions so you can view gameplay. Now instead of standing in the middle of the aisle at the store staring up at many television screens, I can sit on the couch at home and kill countless hours watching videos. Unfortunately the YouTube links aren’t functioning as designed at the moment but I’ve been informed an app update will correct this known issue.

Personalize your EyeGames experience by adding upcoming games to your watch list. Now you’re easily able to keep up with all those must have titles nearing release. Take personalization to the next level by adding game release dates to your calendar so you can setup alerts for when your favorites are made available for purchase.

EyeGames is social friendly too with quick share buttons available for Facebook and Twitter on each games information page. Help keep your gaming friends in the loop too with this great sharing feature. Just make sure to share wisely since we all have that one friend who excels at certain genres of games. It might be a good idea to keep quiet about those so you can get a jump on them.

EyeGames users can write their own reviews of each game to share with others in the app. This is a perfect way to hear fellow a gamers, and EyeGames users, impressions of their favorite games. Rather than importing reviews from other sites or applications, EyeGames wants you to hear from fellow EyeGames enthusiasts.



There are quite a few positives about EyeGames, but there are some negatives too. Since I’m all about knowing whats happening in the App Store, I was excited to see what was newly available for iOS devices via EyeGames. Unfortunately it only showed five apps as new releases. Two were new releases in 2016 and the other three were 2015 releases. It would be nice if new releases were only for those releases in the last 30-60 days and a lot more titles since I know there have been a lot more than just five new apps in the last month.


When I change my selection to only Playstation 4 and browse new releases, there are numerous titles available to browse. While I like the idea of being able to select all the devices I have to enjoy games on, if there’s not going to be enough information added for all of the device selections, why have it as a option? It was a huge let down since I figured this would become our go-to app to easily discover what was happening in the App Store.

It’s great to have screenshots to view in a games description but if the image quality is low it doesn’t give you an accurate idea of what to expect. I noticed this with several games and it definitely didn’t have me wanting to check out any more pictures in EyeGames. Screenshots should be crisp and high resolution, yet most of the ones we viewed were anything but.


Our Thoughts

Having a go-to application to stay in the loop about video games sounds fantastic, but EyeGames needs a bit more work to do be that application for us. The concept is great but it leaves you desiring more where it’s unfinished or needs some polishing. EyeGames is the meal your excited to get at your favorite restaurant but it comes out cold and you have to send it back to get reheated before you can devour it. We know EyeGames will be a great application once it receives a few improvements.

EyeGames is a free download and available now in the App Store with in-app purchases to enhance your overall experience for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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