Everything is Backwards in ‘Spoiler Alert’ [App Review]

Spoiler_Alert_IconWe spend hours upon hours playing our beloved games just to see how it all ends, credits and all. So when I heard the winner of The Most Promising Game Award at Casual Connect Amsterdam 2014 let you start at the end and work your way back, I was quite intrigued. Never in my right mind would I have ever thought you’d begin a game at the end to retrace your steps to the beginning. tinyBuild  is looking to test your console skills in Spoiler Alert and on December 16th, you’ll get to show them off on your iOS devices.

I must admit seeing the end of a game play out right in front of your eyes does seem rather anticlimactic. Fortunately, you’re quickly thrust into the backwards gameplay of Spoiler Alert so you don’t have much time to really think about what you just witnessed. You’re too busy trying to figure out how to not create a time paradox.  Each time you miss retracing your steps, you create a time paradox and you must restart that level over. Thankfully levels are short and you’re able to get through them fairly quickly. The quicker you get through each level the better, but that requires the fewest amount time paradoxes.

You would think by starting from the end and making your way backwards would start out extremely hard and get easier and easier. Well that’s not exactly the case here in Spoiler Alert. At the beginning of each world, you’re presented with different villains, elements and obstacles you’ll face. Things do get progressively harder as you make your way to the beginning of each world. Within each world, you’ll discover something new Chili Runner, the main character is a chili man with a bucket on his head and runs non-stop, is capable of doing.

Each world is different from one another and gives you a fresh background to look at as well as obstacles to master and villains to un-defeat. Make sure to your eyes open for secrets you can find in some of the levels.


Being so used to normal gameplay running from left to right, I thought there would be a bit of a learning curve. This wasn’t the case however since Spoiler Alert doesn’t throw you straight into the fire from the start. Although it does deviate from the norm by starting at the end, it does hold on to traditional gameplay characteristics of complexity progression.

Sometimes we need a bit of variety in our lives, so why shouldn’t our games offer up the same from time to time? It’s nice to see something going against the flow with Spoiler Alert. You might even be surprised by the ending, or should I say the beginning. Hey, if you’re going to break from the norm, at least make it interesting from all angles. tinyBuild has done that with Spoiler Alert. Make sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on the fun with this backwards pleaser.

While playing Spoiler Alert on my iPhone 6 Plus, I noticed a couple issues. First, the title screen doesn’t display the Spoiler Alert banner correctly. Also, World 1 Level 15 is impossible to clear currently. There’s a purple orb that is shot at a villain and you’re supposed to jump to avoid it. Unfortunately there isn’t enough delay time from the start of the level to clear this obstacle. Currently I’m stuck here until developers correct this issue I shared with them.

I’ve been informed an app update has been submitted to Apple and they’re hoping this issue is taken care of prior to launch on December 16th. Just in case the update doesn’t clear prior to launch tinyBuild is adding a description to the app telling readers about these known issue for iPhone 6 Plus. I’ll update this article when correction is made so you’ll know everything has been corrected.

Spoiler Alert will be available to download for $0.99 in the App Store on December 16th for your iPhone or iPad. Definitely check this one out! It’s interesting to experience gameplay from a different perspective. Spoiler Alert is a lot of fun from end to beginning.

(4 / 5)

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