Escape From The Ooordinary [App Review]

What starts out as a simple task, escaping a room, slowly begins testing your critical thinking skills while you shake and maneuver your iOS device to solve the puzzle. Sometimes I want to shake the screen right off my iPhone or iPad when playing games, but for DOOORS it’s a requirement. If you need a break from ordinary fancy iOS gameplay, here are a few reasons you should take a peak at DOOORS.

In the age of Retina displays, developers produce visually stunning games. Sometimes it’s nice to see a game focused on challenging content rather than making it look pretty. I was immediately intrigued by the simplicity of DOOORS and quickly challenged by the critical thinking aspect of the game. At first DOOORSfelt so amazingly familiar and I’ve finally figured out why. I remember the first computer we had growing up was connected to the internet and Prodigy was the dial-up internet service we used. Prodigy had games you could play online and I was sucked in immediately. By todays standards, they’re laughable but as a kid I couldn’t stop thinking about playing them all day long. Getting through days at school were hard enough, but knowing what was at home waiting for me made it even harder. It was the first and last thing I wanted to do after getting home from school. DOOORS has challenged me while reminding me of the nostalgia of the earlier years on the internet and how basic everything looked.

DOOORS is a free download in the iOS App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. There are three versions of DOOORS in the App Store. The first version has 80 rooms to escape while each subsequent version has 20 fewer rooms. Currently there are no pay versions and advertisements are on the bottom of the screen. Normally I find advertisements annoying since they back you out of an application when tapped. I pref to pay for an application to get rid of ads. With DOOORS however, I’ve yet to inadvertently tap an advertisement so the annoyance factor is still at zero. Honestly I’d be surprised if users recognize ads in this app. Ads run along the bottom of the screen and since you’re so focused on clues in the application to escape the room, it’s easy to tune them out.

Recently I needed a break from work but still wanted something to stimulate my mind. Naturally I headed over to the iOS App Store on my iPad to see if anything sparked my interest. After selecting the adventure category within games, DOOORS came up as a “What’s Hot” application and I couldn’t resist downloading it after seeing the basic layout in screen shots. What started as simply needing a break from the grind has morphed into needing self-discipline to close the application and open my MacBook to get back to work. Sometimes it’s hard escape the inner child within me and get back to work and my iOS devices aren’t doing my “To-Do List” any favors. 

5/5 Great free download!

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