Enjoy A Classic Story on Your iPad With ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ [News]

A_Charlie_Brown_Christmas_IconGrowing up, I remember seeing the commercial for A Charlie Brown Christmas right around Thanksgiving. Every year without failure, I repeatedly forgot to watch it when it aired; so disappointing. Thankfully Loud Crow has brought a timeless classic to our beloved iPhone and iPad. Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang in this interactive storybook as they discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Upon opening A Charlie Brown Christmas, you’re treated to the classic “Christmas Time is Here” song. WIth such a recognizable Christmas song playing once you enter this app, great memories easily come to mind about Christmas time.

You’re able to select whether you want to read the storybook on your own or have it narrated to you by the original voice of Charlie Brown himself (Peter Robins). If you elect to have the story read to you, the words are highlighted during narration so young readers can follow along. If narration is turned off, young readers can select a word they’re having trouble with and Charlie Brown will say it for them so they don’t get stuck.


Illustrations and animations have been digitally remastered so it’s relevant with todays technology, which makes it easy share it with your family or you can simply enjoy all by yourself. A Charlie Brown Christmas has diaglogue from original characters and it also includes many of the original sound effects too.

One aspect of A Charlie Brown Christmas you’ll enjoy with todays techonology is how you can interact with the characters. When you touch a character, they’ll react in different ways which corresponds to what’s happening in the story.

Loud Crow didn’t just stop with the story in A Charlie Brown Christmas. They’ve added some mini games you can enjoy too. Discover numerous hidden items you’re able to decorate a Christmas tree with, finger paint with the Peanuts gang, play Schroeder’s piano, or join in on the Christmas Lights and Display Contest to unlock more items for you Christmas tree.

There are other in-app purchases available for you to enjoy, but there’s enough content included with your initial purchase to keep everyone busy for a while. In most cases, you’ll download A Charlie Brown Christmas around the holidays and delete it once the excitement of the season has passed. You’ll re-download this timeless classic next Christmas and do it all over again. In-app purchases might be needed the second year to get everyuone involved again.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the App Store for $5.99  $2.99 (now on sale for a limited time).

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