EatMe – Eat or Get Eaten!

EatMe is an epic underwater favourite and one where we found the strategy addictive, compelling and challenging. It really is a simple process: eat or get eaten. You take on the avatar of a small fish that will quickly need to feed on seaweed and various other plant life in order to grow and beef up.

If you don’t bulk up, then you’ll probably get eaten, but if you do there’s every chance you’ll appeal to the other bigger fish who’ll want to eat you anyhow. So, how to get out of this one? As a growing, developing little fish, you too must eat others.

It becomes a feeding frenzy where there are real players eating away in a multi-player live game. And it was this feature of EatMe that made the game all the more exciting. Playing against real players, in real time, gave us incentive to win and passion to start eating. There is no time to feel sorry for another fish as you prepare your next meal.

We found the real fun actually began when we became a bigger fish. You will develop a larger appetite and you have to eat in order to keep on growing. There is a real fun element in the game where you can escape larger fish by pooping on them, spitting at them or generally just hiding behind a rock that explodes like a stun bomb.

However, just as you have these defences, the smaller fish can actually use these against you! This was one of the wonderful strategies of EatMe that gives players a constant state of vigilance and perpetual state of hunger.

We also found that getting your name at the top of the leader board was a challenge only highly experienced players are likely to master. You will get a three minute slot to munch as many fish as you possibly can and see if the eating skills will have placed you at the top of the charts.

The other fantastic thing about EatMe was the choice in which way you can play the game. Some like the joystick, others will prefer the tapping of the screen to open the mouth of the fish and eat; whatever your preference, the game offers both styles of play.

There are up to 100 players that could be taking part in any one game, so get down in the ocean and begin the feast! is also available on Google Play, download it here.

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