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EasyClaim Total Loss Software [App Review]

Personal property, like your home, is precious. If you are a homeowner, you will want to use the app EasyClaim. It can be used by insurance claim adjusters and homeowners alike when a claim is to be submitted.

It can also be used for restoration contractors that might be refurbishing a property following fire damage or theft. Using the app is simple: we opened an account, created a password and entered all the usual details.

These include entering in your name and address (as the home or property owner), insurance information including the address and contact name within the company, report notes, a list of users authorized to use the app and then you can start listing your inventory.



Personal property is priceless and all your valuable stuff should be listed in the event of a claim going through at a later date. What would happen if your property falls victim to the floods or storm damage? An assessor would be able to push through any insurance or compensation far more quickly when it can see the items that were within your home before the damage was done.

EasyClaim does what it says on the tin – it makes an insurance claim so much easier after you have experienced trauma to your property, whether it has fallen victim to a burglary, fire, storm damage or floods, you will want to claim all your items of value within your property.

When listing the property you own, the app can take an image of the item, provide a date and time stamp, locate the image (where was this taken?) and then value it at the market cost for a typical second hand item.

The way it values is pretty cool – there is a plug-in linked with auction site eBay. You take an image of the item, let’s say a Hewlett-Packard computer, then enter the details of the tower and screen, and by magic the eBay plug-in gives you an approximate value of the item based on similar items sold online recently.

The app and the vast inventory it holds makes the loss valuation a lot easier for insurers and is very accessible. If you wish to change the format for the way inventory listing is displayed, you can. It is supported for exporting files to an Excel spreadsheet of a PDF document. That of course helps to make the claim so much more formal.

(4 / 5)

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