Easily Get Addicted to ‘Coogyloop’ [App Review]

coogyloop_iconFinding an addictive game in the App Store is fairly easy to do these days. Finding an addictive indie game in the App Store is a bit more difficult though. We’ve done the leg work for you and found an addictive and fast paced pleaser known as Coogyloop.
Coogyloop is extremely easy to pick up right from the start. As the ball spins around, you must tap your iPhone or iPad screen when it enters the coloredportion, which moves to different spots around the board throughout the game.As you score more points you advance to different levels in Coogyloop and the speed increases. You’ll know you’ve advanced a level when the color changes on the board.

If you’re quick, you’ll rack up points by not letting the ball make a full revolution around the screen before striking in the colored area again. Don’t get too comfortable with the current speed, like I did a lot of times, since it does fluctuate without notice.Coogyloop_Screenshot_IPhone_6_Plus

If you possess great hand eye coordination, you’ll love Coogyloop. If you need some improvement in this department, this addictive game will definitely help you improve. Just be prepared to get frustrated during your training.

The only negative thing I can say about Coogyloop is if you didn’t read in-app purchase details before downloading, you won’t know how much it costs to remove ads since it doesn’t tell you in the app. When you select the option to remove ads, it asks for your iTunes password which, according to Cooglyloop’s developers, takes you to the App Store and you’re shown the purchase price before you’re account is charged.

Coogyloop is a free to download in the App Store and, as I just mentioned, you can remove ads for only $0.99 via in-app purchase.

(4.3 / 5) It’s hard not to constantly want to beat your previous score in this addictive and fast paced app.

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