Dungeon Hunter 4 App Update [News]

DungeonHunterIconGameloft recently released an update to their popular Dungeon Hunter 4 for iOS and Android devices. Those of you already enjoying this game will notice you’re now able to band together in guilds, acquire exclusive items through guild challenges, and you’re even able to chat directly with other guild members. These recent updates allow more  appreciation for the game to develop since players are able to form deep allegiances with these new guild features. Now armed with the ability to chat with your guild members, players are able to strategize and connect with extreme ease.

These recent updates will help players connect, communicate, and strategize even better in Dungeon Hunter 4. Some of the new guild challenges allow players to pick up some cool items and forces others to step up their game to enjoy some exclusive items. Sometimes our applications only need minor tweaks to unlock even more appreciation for a game we already enjoy. Gameloft is doing just that with these updates for a game that was already extremely enjoyable prior to these most recent changes.

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