Drone Invaders – Retro with a Modern Twist [App Review]

Drone_Invaders_IconMany gamers of today will have been keen players on old consoles and machines doing battle with invaders of an extra-terrestrial nature. You remember them all; Space Invaders, Asteroids and several other attackers and evil outsiders that were hell bent on earth’s destruction. A destruction you were tasked to prevent.

Drone Invaders falls pretty much into that category. Drones are all the rage at this time and wherever you are and whatever publication you read, you’ll be hearing about drones. They are in the news and up in our skies. But we have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far – drones will become a big part of our future, our very near future.

Drone Invaders is a game where the drone manufacturers are actually from an alien life force. The theme is pretty much in line with the old methods of alien attacks our planet, you save the planet by shooting them down, they change tactics and try to fool you, you step up the mark and try and gain strength by using power ups and credits.

However, Drone Invaders may be working on a tried and tested old theme, but it does feel different to those old retro classics. The drones in this game are aliens or the alien craft; they are all different in colour, shape and size – whether this is designed to put you off or keep you on your toes, I don’t know but it sure as hell does.

When the drones first attack, they do so in such a method that leaves you thinking that was easy, and we can assure at first, it is. But then the aliens pull an ace from their sleeve and thrown in a completely new attack formation: you then step up to the plate and fend them off using your laser gun mounted on a turret, and once again, they go down. And so it goes on and on, the alien drones will find new ways of resisting your defence strategies.

The faster you complete your missions, the quicker you become more powerful. But good in-play results in power ups on the go. There is always a chance to enhance weaponry and to strengthening your shields. It is a dogfight all the way with the alien drones but you should always keep a lookout for those aliens hiding behind moons or other celestial bodies.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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