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Do You Enjoy Learning New Words but Have a Hard Time Making Them Stick? [App Review]

learn new words with Word Vault, app review, Word VaultWhen it comes to discovering new words, if you aren’t frequently exposed to them you’re probably going to forget what they are. If you’re looking to expand your vocabulary without forgetting those new words you’ve learned, check out at  Word Vault.

Armed with Word Vault you have a vast amount of words right at your fingertips. Enjoy definitions, images, illustrations, pronunciations, thesaurus functionality, and example sentences in this powerful reference app.

One feature I really like in Word Vault is the customization options you have for your word list. Add notes to those words you’re having the hardest time recalling to ensure you don’t forget. Wanna give credit to those you learned the word from? Add them as a source to further customize your list. Tag your favorite words so you don’t lose track of those you like the most as your vault of words grows.

When you enable notifications in Word Vault you’ll receive reminders to review words you’ve recently discovered. This is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure you don’t forget what you’ve been exposed to in the app. The great thing about the review, besides helping you remember what you’ve learned, is they’re very quick and fun. Unlike those boring vocabulary reviews you were forced to take part in while in school, you’ll actually enjoy it! When you give a wrong answer, nobody is pointing and laughing at you….or was that just me in school?Word Vault, app review, learn new words with Word Vault

I’m always in the market to discover new words and Word Vault helps me do just that. While reading a words definition, you’re provided with similar words to discover which helps quickly expand your vocabulary. The hardest part is remembering them and Word Vault allows a fun and interactive way to help me burn these new words to memory.

The only criticism I have for Word Vault is there’s an extra charge via in-app purchase for translations for words. I’d much rather have apps be slightly higher in price instead of purchasing them only to discover an additional charge is needed to unlock another feature I can’t live without. I like paying for an app only once to avoid any hidden in-app purchases that might’ve gone unnoticed while reading the apps description.

Even with the additional charge Word Vault is a phenomenal reference app that’ll help expose you to new and exciting words. If you enjoy learning new words but have a difficult time recalling them, you need to download Word Vault today. If you’re an educator be sure to take advantage of discounts via Apple’s Volume Licensing Program.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Finally an app which makes words stick in my brain!

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