Debut App For Ragemode Entertainment Is A Blast [App Review]

Blast-Course-IconIndie developers over at Ragemode Entertainment recently released their debut app Blast Course in the App Store. In Blast Course you solve each puzzle by strategically moving a ball across the screen while collecting stars and keys to advance. What seems too easy at first eventually starts testing your wit and patience. Prepare to spend some time in front of your iPad as Blast Course is difficult to put down.

The overall concept of Blast Course is amazingly simple. To complete each level you must blow air or vacuum the ball across different portions of the course. Where Blast Course becomes challenging is when there are obstacles in the way or objects must be moved in order to advance and collect a star. It all seems easy at first, but eventually you start getting stuck or second guessing yourself.

What I found intriguing and frustrating all at the same time was how certain I was everything was going to work after setting up the fans. Since I’ve been playing it quite a bit on my breaks at work of recent, I caught myself looking over my shoulder after making a mistake hoping nobody saw how dumb my plan was. Levels aren’t impossible, but some do get a little frustrating at times. A few minor modifications in some cases is all you need to solve the puzzle. Trust me, there will be times you’ll solve the puzzle and you’ll shake your head once you see how easy it was.

Just like other games in the App Store, levels do get progressively harder and challenge your critical thinking and wit. Other obstacles and elements are added as you progress which adds additional challenges. Just when you think you got the hang of things, Blast Course throws something else at you.

There are over 70 levels in Blast Course and each one will put your puzzle solving skills to the test. Every course will have three stars for you to collect and the amount of fans you’re able to use to complete a level will vary. As you progress through Blast Course, you’ll need more and more fans to move the ball in order to collect stars.Blast-Course-Screenshot-iPad

Pro Tip: Pay attention to how many fans are available and how many you’re using in the top right corner of the screen. There are times when the entire course doesn’t fit on the screen. In some cases, you must move around to view the full layout to turn on a fan in order to correctly move the ball to collect one or more stars. This happened to me a few times and resulted in a much-needed facepalm.

Graphics on Blast Course are nice and smooth on the retina screen for the iPad. You’re not able to zoom in and out in a level, but I didn’t really come across any scenarios where you would need this feature. Blast Course has a cartoonish or whimsical feel to it which is fun and overall pleasing to the eye.

I’m not sure why, but I never got sick of the music in Blast Course. There are a few games I’ve played where I had to turn off the music since it only added to my frustration. I haven’t reached this point with Blast Course yet. Actually, I enjoyed hearing the sounds after completing a level most of all. If I’m being honest, it reminded me of a few slot machines I’ve played when I’ve tried my hand at gambling over the years.

Puzzles are tricky at times in Blast Course, but not impossible to figure out after a bit of trial and error. One price unlocks all levels and there are no in-app purchases available. What you see is what you get in this one stop shopping app.

Blast Course is available for $1.99 in the App Store but only available on iPad. With just over 70 levels to complete, I know I’ll easily finish Blast Course here soon. This leaves me wondering if Ragemode Entertainment will be adding more. I surely hope so since I’ve been getting a huge kick out of it.

(5 / 5) Looks great, sounds great, and most importantly it’s highly entertaining. It blew me away and it’s an absolute must have!!

*This is the 12th article in the writing from my iPad series.

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