‘Dasher’ Gets A Few Messaging Updates [News]

Dasher_IconAt the beginning of the year we introduced you to Dasher Messenger  and all the awesome features it offered. This nearly perfect scoring app received a few updates you should know about.

Dasher rolled out a completely redesigned message composition bar. This redesign allows you to easily choose different messaging options for quick communication.

Want to take a group vote on who can come for dinner on Saturday night? With this recent update you’re able to ask a question in a group message and your contacts can vote yes or no. Easily get a headcount on whose coming so you can plan on how much food and beer you’ll need to get.IMG_4761

More updates are in the works and developers over at Dasher are looking to rollout favorites in the app. Why? Conversations on our smart devices have the feel of private social networking. Offering a favorites feature gives your conversations a bit more depth with this interaction.

As we get information on Dasher, we will provide you continuing coverage on this indie app. If you would like to download Dasher, it’s free in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Check it out today if you’re not using it already.

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