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Daredevil Ringtone for your iPhone [Ringtone]

Netflix is constantly entertaining me and my family. There are numerous original series shows I’m hooked on. With Orange Is the New Black set to release here in just over a week, I’m ready to binge watch and stay in for a few days on an upcoming weekend. Is it wrong to say all I want to do for Father’s Day is binge watch Netflix?

Another show that has caught my attention is Daredevil. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch it, but I’m excited to see Marvel and Netflix teaming up to bring us some exciting TV to binge on. If you’re a fan, check our newest ringtone we’ve created for your iPhone. There are two ringtones in the zip file you’ll download. One is a 20s ringtone whereas the other is a 30s ringtone. Depending upon your carrier, the preset ring time on your device might be limited, so we figured we’d give you a couple options to choose from.

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Click here to download the zip file with two Daredevil ringtones.

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