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Create Market Ready Media for Your iOS App with App Screenshots [App Review]

App_Screenshots_IconIt has been a while since I’ve reviewed a OS X application. Actually, it was November of 2014 since my last OS X review. I don’t mind doing them but I spend a lot of my time is on iOS devices when it comes to apps, whereas my MacBook or iMac is more so used for emails, photo editing, and writing for iOS etc. A massive amount of my time is dedicated to iOS so it just makes sense to focus most of my time and attention on iOS apps.

When it comes to carving out time for a OS X app review, you can probably count on me loving the app since iOS is very near and dear to my heart. This is exactly the case for App Screenshots for OS X, so let’s get right to the heart of why I love this application and how it can help you indie app developers turn a profit in the iOS App Store.

Presenting quality content for consumers to enjoy is a gentle balance of skill and art if you want to turn them into buyers. Attention to detail is key so it’s important to choose the right images, colors, text style, etc., when creating advertising materials. The great thing about App Screenshots is you’re able to import those images you’ve already created for your app and present them as screenshots on many different Apple devices.

If you’ve tried searching the internet on how to make a screenshot that appears to be on an iOS device or Apple computers, you know how tedious this search can be. In most cases you found a lot of information on how to take a screenshot itself, but not really too much in the way of software which makes this dream a reality.

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With App Screenshots you’re able to create wonderful screenshots on a iPhone, iPad, or MacBook (MacBook Pro and iMac devices are also included). Show your customers how your creation will actually appear on their device. Add headings and text to your screenshots to provide vital information about your app. App Screenshots even lets you change the background color behind the device you’re featuring in your media.

App Screenshots lets you quickly and easily create App Store ready advertising photos in minutes—I’m not joking. The only thing slowing down how fast you can have these images ready to use for your application is the vast amount of editing options you have for text, color, shading, and device you want to use. App Screenshots is like a factory on your computer just waiting to pump out market ready photos for you to advertise your next big idea for the App Store!

App developers and media outlets will get a lot of mileage out of App Screenshots! It’s quick and easy to use and extremely helpful for presenting information in a highly professional manner. App Screenshots is available in the OS X App Store for only $9.99. Stop searching the internet for ways to create amazing screenshots for your app and head over to the Mac App Store and download App Screenshots right now.screenshot, app screenshots, minecraft screenshot iPad,

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    Very limited capabilities and is hard for me to make them actually looking good. Switched to

    • I’m sorry you didn’t find App Screenshots enjoyable. When we reviewed this OS X application we found it to be extremely helpful and straightforward. We’ve seen the DaVinci Apps screenshot maker but find the pricing to be rather expensive. A yearly subscription of $99 or $1 each time to remove the watermark seems pricey. Thanks for your feedback and you could try and get in touch with the developer if you’re unhappy with your purchase and request a refund. Cheers!!

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