Create Flawless Time Lapse Videos With Hyperlapse [Free App]

HyperlapseIconInstagram gave you a fun and creative way to share photos with millions of people around the world. Developers over at Instagram have done it again. This time they’re giving you an app to create amazing time lapse videos using your iPhone or iPad and it’s called Hyperlapse by Instagram. Until now, you would’ve needed to spend thousands of dollars on equipment to get the same quality video you’re able to enjoy with Hyperlapse.

Video stabilization is built right in Hyperlapse so your videos look amazingly smooth and professional. This allows you to easy create time lapse videos free of shakes or bumps.

Once in Hyperlapse the only thing you need to do is hit record. After you’re done recording adjust the speed to your liking. After the speed is set, save the video and you can now share it on Facebook or Instagram and your copy is saved to your photos. I like how Hyperlapse auto saves to your photos so don’t have to do any fancy tricks to save photos you create without sharing them on Instagram.

Even though Hyperlapse is being released right before iOS 8 gives users the ability to create time lapse videos, I believe you’ll enjoy using this app over the built-in features in the iOS update. I could be wrong, but it always seems developers come up with some modification or improvement that has a lot of us using third party apps instead.

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