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Twitter will adopt a popular Facebook function in its new update. A tweet only allows 140 characters which makes it nearly impossible to tag friends in photos. Twitter will now let you tag up to 10 people in a photo while still enjoying 140 characters to use in a tweet. Users tagged in photos won’t show up in the tweet itself. The names of those tagged appears subtly above the photo itself. Tagged users will receive a message about being included in a photo. Adjustments to notifications and who has the ability to tag them can be made in settings. The update doesn’t stop there for photos though.

Tweets will have more depth to them with the ability to share up to four photos in a single tweet. According to the Twitter blog, iPhone users are able to download the update and begin tagging people and sharing multiple photos as of yesterday. I updated the Twitter app on my iPhone 5 and haven’t been able to share multiple photos or tag people yet. When it does work though, it will automatically create a photo collage. Posting up to four photos is only available on the iPhone app but will be rolling out for Android and very soon. Third party apps like Tweetbot will receive this functionality later. No matter how you’re viewing tweets, iPhone, Android or, you will be able to view tweets with multiple photos.

I haven’t seen feedback on this function yet, but there has been talk about the multiple photos option allowing Twitter users to be “more social.” In an age of numerous social media platforms, I don’t see how we aren’t being social enough. We get constant updates about one another, which can be great at times and awkward at others. It does appear Twitter is finally giving its users more options in becoming more social by sharing our networks via tagging our photos. Getting up to four pictures out in one tweet will be nice so we’re not blasting each others timelines. This may allow us to be more “social media respectful” – a win-win so to speak. 

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