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Is the current way we pay at the point of sale broke? I’ve seen that question coming up after pre-ordering my Coin card. Was I duped by the flashy video on their website? Jeez, I hope not. No, certainly not. After remembering how I’m constantly wanting a smaller wallet to shed my wallet mountain, I knew I made a wise decision. 

Ever since shopper cards were introduced in stores for “better pricing,” my wallet has been in a downward spiral. I’ve been looking for relief every since. It was like I couldn’t stop myself from getting them! “Sir, would you like to save money by signing up for our customer loyalty card?” “Heck yeah,” I’d say. Who doesn’t like saving money, except for the Rich Kids of Instagram (look up #RKOI, it’s actually real…seriously). After signing up for numerous shopper cards, my keychain and my wallet were growing by leaps and bounds. My rear end was hurting from sitting on Mt. Saint Wallet and my keys were barely fitting into my pocket. There had to be a better way. For a while now, I’ve tried to shed weight from my wallet.

This is were I think Coin is going to come in handy for me. Recently I tried using an iPhone case that could hold a few credit cards and some cash. It worked for a while, but eventually wore out since I slowly started adding more things to it. Ideally my wallet would consist of one credit card and my health insurance card. I’m tired of carrying around numerous items in my wallet, but I have a hard time deciphering what I will need in a pinch. Take a quick inventory of your wallet right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. If you’re like me, you have a lot of crap in there and you could shed a few items. But what can you afford to leave at home? I am hoping Coin will help me shed the traditional wallet once and for all. Getting back to a case that just holds my iPhone, cash, and Coin would be ideal.

There are some haters out there for Coin and I can understand their point of view. The payment process itself is not complicated, pick a card, swipe, and sign. So why try and fix something that isn’t broken? Let’s not fixate on the payment process though. Fixate on those, like me, wanting to shed their wallet. Coin offers up this possibility to it’s users at the pre-order price of $55, regular price is $100 ($50 for the card and $5 for shipping). It’s a large investment in new technology, but most wallets I purchase cost between $30-50. If this is convenient, and merchants accept it, I may never have to buy a wallet again. I’m willing to take a leap of faith on this technology with the possibility of not having to carry around an overstuffed wallet ever again. Worst case scenario, I’m out $55 and I revert back to my old ways.

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