Close the Ads, Save the Princess [App Review/Preview]

FFFFF2PIconRemember the days when graphics on your games were blocky and your only objective was to save the princess? If you’re looking for a blast from the past, Elevate, an independent studio, has come up with a ad closing, loot collecting, princess saving style game called FFFFF2P that is set to be released July 10th just for you. Are you wondering why the title is filled with F’s? It’s because Elevate wants users to know it’s free, free, free, free, free, 2 play. In a iOS world full of games that claim to be free to play, FFFFF2P is attempting to give users a truly free game to play even if there are in-app purchases available.

So with every game there’s a story and FFFFF2P is no different. You and Princess Pixel are enjoying your wonderful life together until one fateful day Ug, an evil ogre, swoops down and steals your only true love. Your only job now is to rescue her before it’s too late. In order to get her back, you must pay the $1,000,000 ransom Ug demands. To get the ransom cash, you must close the ads Ug throws at you to collect enough coins to payoff the greedy and disgusting ogre. Don’t let an ad fall on you though or you’ll be smashed. The coins you collect do carryover with each try, but the longer you play the more coins you’re able to stash. Use your coins to unlock items int the store that help you collect coins more quickly and efficiently. FFFFF2P does have in-app purchases to unlock helpful items allowing faster coin collecting. Players can use the coins they’ve collected to purchase these items rather than spending your hard earned money on these in-app purchases.

Rescuing the princess is not going to be easy and it’s evident in FFFFF2P. Controlling your character requires some finesse and some getting used to at first. I began to wonder if all the F’s actually stood for free since my mind was ready to spout out something else after Ug kept bashing my head in so easily. Before long, I was well on my way to collecting thousands of coins in my attempt to rescue Princess Pixel. I did, however, spend some of my coins on some items to help close ads more efficiently while avoiding those crushing blows to the head. It might seem hard to part with some of your coins after spending quite a bit of time collecting them, but you’ll be glad you did when you see how much faster you’re able to restore your coin balance.

FFFFF2P is fun to play and it has a touch of nostalgia since it’s presentation seems so reminiscent of console games of yesteryear. With all the amazing graphics you see in games these days, it’s nice to see some homage paid to the look of the games a lot of us grew up on. It was interesting that FFFFF2P had me wanting to blurt out some of the same words I did playing arcade style games on Nintendo so many years ago. It goes to show the more things change, the more they stay the same. Being able to use the coins you’ve collected in lieu of spending your own cash on unlocking items was great and is a testament to Elevates purpose in making a truly free to play application. At least this way your spending coins you collect rather than the coins you work 8 hours a day for. Coin prices for items are extremely reasonable for what you unlock.

Although FFFFF2P seems to conform to normal free apps to play structure, where an app is free to download only shortly thereafter offering freemium features you unlock with a in-app purchase, it’s a ton of addictive fun and enjoyable without needing to purchase anything. There are ads that play at certain points in the game, and it’s unfortunate you don’t get a shot a smashing them too. All this aside, you’re going to have a great time collecting coins and trying to save your princess.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

*Check out the Elevate website where they have numerous other iOS applications they’ve created and then check back here on July 10th for a link to download FFFFF2P.

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