Change the Way You Communicate With ‘Contacts Pad’ [App Review]

Contact_Pad_IconInteractions with our iPhones and iPads are getting faster and faster thanks to new functions available on the new iPhone 6s models and features available in iOS 9. There are also some amazing apps in the App Store which help you quickly interact with your iOS devices. Our most recent find in the App Store is Contacts Pad and if you’re looking to access your go-to contacts at lightning speed, you’re gonna be hooked—I know we are!!

The overall look and feel to Contacts Pad is great! It begs you to touch your screen to reach out and connect with those you’ve added to the main screen. Contacts Pad grabs the information right from the native Contacts app and lights up different buttons on the main home screen. If your contacts are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc., and you’ve entered this information on their contact card, buttons switch from grayed out to the corresponding social media app icon colors.

Connecting with your contacts has never been easier with Contacts Pad. The great thing about Contacts Pad is how quickly you’re able to access different communication methods with friends, family, or colleagues. If you’re like me you have some contacts who use different methods of communications like Twitter or Facebook Messenger as their preferred method of correspondence. Instead of finding the app, which might be buried on screen four of your iPhone, Contacts Pad allows you to easily tap their contact information and select the appropriate communication icon and you’re all ready to send them a message or photo. It’s seriously that simple!

Is Contacts Pad difficult to setup or use? Absolutely not! You’ve already saved a lot of valuable information regarding your contacts and Contacts Pad simply imports it all into the app and gives you access to lightning fast communication methods immediately. What you will want to do is go back through your contacts and ensure you have as much information about them as possible so all methods of communication are covered.contactspad-screenshots

One thing I did get confused about for a minute or so was how to get back to the main screen after selecting a contact I added. I was looking for a back button, but none was present. Instead, you must tap the contacts initials or their contact photo to go back to the main screen with all your contacts. It made sense once I figured it out, but I’m sure a lot of us are used to back buttons on our smartphones and tablets and look for them frequently when stuck.

Once you start using Contacts Pad you’ll wonder how you functioned any other way. The overall user experience is superb! Like I said before, it will make you go back and gather more information on those you care about connecting with the most since you want to turn light up all the muted gray buttons.

Currently Contacts Pad is only $0.99, so you’re literally stealing this app from its developers! The amount of use you’ll get out of Contacts Pad will far outreach what they’re capable of doing with the mere pennies you’re giving them for this outstanding productivity application. Don’t be surprised if the local police department shows up at your door to question you about stealing Contacts Pad from them.

If you’re looking to revolutionize the way you access your contacts, stop reading this article and head directly to the App Store and download Contacts Pad right now. It’ll will totally change the way you interact with people forever.

(5 / 5) Evict the Phone icon from the dock and bake some cookies to welcome home Contacts Pad to the dock on your iPhone.

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