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Case Confidence with RhinoShield Crash Guard [Product Review]

Did you purchase an iPhone 4? If so, you’re probably familiar with antenna-gate. Shortly after the iPhone 4 release, Apple discovered a flaw in the design which led to a weak cellular signal and subsequent dropped calls. Their remedy for this problem was a bumper case to stop bridging the connection while we waited for a software update to correct the problem.

Prior to Apple giving out bumper cases to those who purchased the iPhone 4, I can honestly say I wasn’t familiar with this type of iPhone protection. Since then I’ve owned a couple bumper cases and I’ve always been fairly happy with the protection they offer without sacrificing the recognizable iPhone styling. Having now experienced the RhinoShield Crash Guard, I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced a bumper case quite as dependable or innovative as this one.

When it comes to protecting my iPhone, I’m quite flexible on what I’m willing to accept. I’ve purchased everything from hard cases, which have cracked after their first drop, to flexible rubber cases which don’t show a single scratch after being dropped repeatedly.

Some iPhone users like a case with a raised edge to protect their device from a direct hit on the face of their phone when dropped.

The RhinoShield Crash Guard offers protection much like I’ve just described. The raised edge is hands down the best I’ve ever seen–ever! The only downside to this pronounced edge is activating the 3D Touch app switcher from the edge of the screen. I love this new feature on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, so it did take a bit of getting used to.

Rhinoshield_Crash_Guard_impactShock absorbing capabilities have been stretched to the max in the RhinoShield Crash Guard (check out our Instagram account on which has our drop video). This case features three different characteristics to help protect your iPhone from impact. First the RhinoShield Crash Guard is crafted with a polymer blend which provides over 90 percent of its impact absorbing capabilities. Next up is the protective honeycomb structure on the interior of the case. This adds an additional 10-15 percent of overall impact absorbency. Finally, these honeycomb structures provide additional protection with their airbag dispersion compartments. Air is trapped between your iPhone and the RhinoShield Crash Guard helps deflect impact energy in the event you drop your iPhone.

Without a case the iPhone 6 and 6s models are extremely slippery in your hands. I’ve owned the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus and both models and I’ve found both models very easy to slide out of my hand without a case. The RhinoShield Crash Guard has a matte finish which is extremely comfortable in your hand which helps you grip your iPhone with confidence.

One thing I was worried about as soon as I put the RhinoShield Crash Guard case on my iPhone 6s Plus was how much resistance I would face from my pants pockets with this new item on my phone. Cases with gel rubber are very hesitant to go in or come out of tight pants pockets (no I don’t wear skinny jeans; I’m an old guy). The RhinoShield Crash Guard has a smooth surface without being slippery in the hands yet slides in and out of pockets with ease.

What I found surprising about the RhinoShield Crash Guard is how innovative the protection is for this case while only being 2.5mm thick. This case is jam packed with protection.


A couple days into my review someone pointed out it’s not a full case since it’s a bumper and doesn’t cover the back of the phone completely. It didn’t dawn on me to correct them until a couple days later. Each RhinoShield Crash Guard comes with a clear protective screen for the back of your iPhone, which is exactly like a screen protector.

This additional protection made me like this case even more! One thing I always look for in a case is offering enough protection with a minimalistic approach. I don’t like completely covering up my iPhone since so much time and attention goes into making them sleek and stylish, so why cover everything up? With the RhinoShield Crash Guard you’ll enjoy amazing protection for side impacts thanks to the bumper case, but it also helps keep the front and back of your iPhone safe with the raised edge and protective screen for the back.

Since the RhinoShield Crash Guard comes with a screen protector for the rear of the phone, you’d probably think it has a screen protector for the front too. Well, you would be incorrect. Screen protectors are sold separately or you can purchase a case with everything included. My only criticism would be to only sell the bundled case with everything included without a dramatic price increase. I wonder if some consumers have purchased the RhinoShield Crash Guard and eventually damaged the screen and blamed it on the case or criticized its creator for not simply charging a little more and including it from day one. Bad press travels quicker than good press and this might be a good way to mitigate this from day one.

Even though the RhinoShield Crash Guard lacks a screen protector for the front of the iPhone, it’s still a superior case which offers amazing protection!!

If you need protection for your iPhone, the RhinoShield Crash Guard is exactly what you’re looking for. Purchase one today from our friends over at Anchor Mobile Repair. When it comes to protecting your iPhone, they’ve got exactly what you need. In the event you need your iPhone repaired, Anchor Mobile Repair is there for you too with their top-rated repair services.

(5 / 5) Superior slim protection without sacrificing your iPhones stylish looks!

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