Camera Plus: Snap Macro Photos & Take The Best Selfies with AirSnap [App Review]

Camera-Plus-IconThe app that is the perfect tool for taking photographs is now available on the Apple Watch, as well as here on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone version 5 or later. Camera Plus, when used on the Apple Watch comes with instant photo capture, video recording, a countdown timer (perfect for selfies) and much, much more.

Using Camera Plus means you will only have to tap a simple icon on a screen to make the camera function just the way you want it to. You get brilliant image captures every single time, using the high-end features unique only to Camera Plus.

But it is the compatibility with the brand new, all-singing and all-dancing Apple Watch that becomes its redeeming feature. Apple Watch will automatically synchronise with Camera Plus for iPhone and iPad as soon as you open the app. This gives users a seamless experience, regardless of which device you may have decided to use.

There are a few built-in features which allow the user to shoot images and videos using a remote control. The remote system uses a service called “AirSnap” and you can even adjust the exposure and lighting speeds by intelligently using the service called “Lumy.”camera-plus-screenshot

To get shots with very sharp features, crisp finish images or a different focus modes like Macro, you could adjust the settings using a few simple taps on your iPhone or Apple Watch and you are ready to go.

However, it’s using the app on the Apple Watch that takes the video capturing and image photography to the next level. You’ll have a choice of using front or back camera, implementing a flash, countdown timer (always the perfect tool for a selfie) or you could just use the standard photo camera or video recorder.

Once you are taking the picture, you can check to see what the image looks like right away by using the live preview capture feature just as you capture that live image. After capturing an image you will get to see an instant capture of what you have just taken.

Moreover, there is just so much more on this app which can be used to get the very best images possible: Camera Plus also comes with brilliant HDR, filters that are meaningful and not just some zany cartoon or sketch-type image. Camera Plus allows you to capture the very best images or videos straight from the wrist or any Apple device.

Review Score: (4 / 5)

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