‘Bungee Mummy: King’s Escape’ Fast Paced Adventure Game [App Review]

bungee mummy iconIf you like your gaming apps fast and furious with plenty of adventure and risk-taking then Bungee Mummy  should tick all the right boxes. You will have to find your rapid fire reflexes as these are essential in a game that is fast-paced, high octane and essentially very addictive.

If you have that sheer determination to win then Bungee Mummy is for you. Play this game without the determination and you cannot be expected to complete the victory.

The game starts in a fictional world known as Hagareem, where there are several levels of eerie and outrageous challenges that await you. To move about through Hagareem, you must swing and bungee jump from one level to the next.

If you manage to complete these outrageous feats and succeed, you will be able to win real 3D printable rewards. The rewards are gained through success in the levels and are redeemed through a unique platform.

The game itself really does come to life on your smartphone or tablet and there are plenty of mind-boggling puzzles you’ll have to solve, should you wish to step up to the next level. The graphics, physics and general mechanics of the game are wonderfully real and amazing.Bungee_Mummy_Screenshot_iPhone_6

Players will need to collect vital “scarabs” so you can use them as power ups and exciting super skins worthy of the very best. There are plenty of mystery boxes to uncover and you’ll be expected to hunt down the King’s very own hoard of treasure.

King Phero has just one thing on mind; he wants to set his people free from the clutches of the evil Solark. But before he can even think of doing any of that, he must escape the Great Pyramid and rush at lightning pace through the eerie underworld of Hagareem.

The King now faces his darkest hour, not to mention countless enemies, forcing him to turn to his friend and battle companion Madu. It is here where you’ll be collecting vital scarabs, so you can outsmart your evil bosses and collect skins fit enough for a King to use.

At the end of every world you go through, evil bosses will be there waiting for you. But you can outsmart these evil baddies and collect your rewards once you have done so. Therefore, it’s up to you to reclaim the stolen throne belonging to the King and free his beloved people.

(4 / 5)

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