Build Your Tomb in ‘Pyramid Jumble’ [App Duel]

Pyramid_Jumble_IconWhen I first started playing Pyramid Jumble, I was a bit underwhelmed. The words seemed easy and I was flying through them with lightning speed, or at least I thought I was solving them quickly. As I slowly started building my Egyptian pyramid, I started getting slower, but not quite stumped yet. As I began unlocking more and more rows, I found myself even more and more excited to see what categories were trying to stump me next. My initial thought process of “I’ll play a few rounds, be bored, delete and move on” quickly transformed to excitement.

You start out with only three categories to choose from: animals, countries, and sports. After solving the required amount of jumbled up words, you’ll unlock another row of categories. Each subsequent row unlocks at least two new categories on the ends of your growing pyramid. There are times when you unlock a row and there’s a different category than the one above it. As Pyramid Jumble progressed, I got comfortable thinking the next row would have the same category but a different stage number. That wasn’t always the case, so don’t get comfortable, like I did, with one category since they do change.

New categories on the ends of each new row will be something you haven’t previously seen. There were times I was happy to see a new category and other times I wasn’t. You will have a few favorite categories as well as a few that’ll quickly become your nemesis. Capitals and countries were a few of my dreaded categories. I get it though, Pyramid Jumble doesn’t want to surrender their jewels so easily without a few booby traps.

Unlocking new categories will cost you some of your colored jewels. When you select a category to solve, your time remaining carries over from previous rounds with a maximum amount of time you can collect. For example, if you have 125/240, you have 125 seconds remaining to solve a word jumble out of a maximum carryover total of 240 seconds. You collect more time by getting a word correct and there are time bonuses available when solving words. Each new row increases the amount of carryover time you are allowed. I attacked the categories I felt I did the best on first and left the harder ones for last. This way I could stockpile more time for the harder categories, like capitals and countries.

If you don’t know what the word is you can use a hint to reveal a letter, but it will take away from time remaining and your bonus multipliers. The amount of words you solve allows you to collect up to three different precious gems. If you don’t collect any or all the gems in a given category, you’re able to go back and complete the words you didn’t finish in that category. The amount of time you’ll have to complete the remaining words is less than what you started the category with since you exhausted your time remaining balance.

As you continue building your pyramid, solving word jumbles and unlocking new rows gets a bit trickier thanks to new categories or harder words in a previous category.

Pyramid_Jumble_ScreenshotI did run into a problem unfortunately. I solved professions level 4 at one point. After exiting the game and returning later, professions level 4 was not unlocked and required 8 more yellow gems to unlock. I collected the 8 required yellow gems and unlocked the category again and it immediately showed 6/6 words solved and gave me three different colored gems. I continued playing only to leave the game again and come back to see professions level 4 needed to be unlocked again. Since I’ve already used the gems I collected from rows below this one, I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough yellow gems left to unlock certain categories further down the pyramid. Therefore, I wouldn’t be able to complete my pyramid palace. Where will I be buried now?!

I contacted the developer to let them know there was a problem and provided screenshots. After a couple days, he emailed me back to let me know the problem had been fixed and an update was submitted to Apple for review.

Pyramid Jumble is a fun and fast paced puzzle game. Design is simple and easy to interact with. There are no distractions, or should I say ads, so you can solely focus on the task at hand. Pyramid Jumble can be completed in just one sitting, if you have about 3-5 hours to kill and you don’t run into the same issue I did. It’s the perfect game to have before or during a flight, while in the waiting room at the doctors office, or if you need to kill some time while standing in those long lines when out shopping for the holidays.

The problem I ran into should be fixed with an update and hopefully indie developers at Solidcore got everything squared away. Unfortunately, I won’t have a chance to go back through Pyramid Jumble to verify the update before this review is published.

Pyramid Jumble is available to download in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for only $0.99. This fast pace word solving game has great potential and we hope everything is fixed in a pending update.

(3.8 / 5)

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