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Private-Browser-IconHow many browsers do you use on your computer? At most I use three, Chrome, Safari, and Opera Coast, depending upon what task I need accomplished or if I’m gesture control happy. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to your iOS devices, how many different browsers do you use? Believe it or not, there are a few out there for you to use, but I’m sure you rarely deviate from Safari. Having used a couple different browsers on my iPhones over the years, I’ve never found something to replace Safari, nor do I think I ever will. Now that I’ve discovered Private Browser for iOS though, I just might reach for a different browser when I’m concerned about keeping my information private or when I need access territory-restricted content.

Anonymous internet surfing is nothing new. Corporations and government agencies have been using virtual private networks (VPN) for years, which I’m certain all of us have used at one time or another and never even realized it. Internet users benefit from VPNs through the security and privacy they provide by encrypting the traffic you transmit while online, which keeps your data safe from eavesdropping.

A VPN can also create an internet mirage. An example of this is how a VPN can make it appear as though you’re transmitting from one location when you’re really transmitting from somewhere else.

Why is a feature like this important? Say you’re traveling out of country and you need to access information online that’s blocked within a certain region. Armed with Private Browser you’re able to access this information even though you’re in an area where this content is restricted. You must login to Private Browser with your Facebook, Google+ or your email account in order to select a VPN Unlimited Server where the content you’re looking for is permitted.

Another benefit you get from Private Browser is the ability to anonymously and securely browse the internet. Transmit your information while on WiFi hotspots safely and securely using Private Browser. KeepSolid stands behind their app by stating, “There are no other equivalents of this fully functional browser, utilizing this kind of secure connection thus providing the highest online safety.”Private-Browser-Screenshot

Key features:

  • Browser Protection with the use of powerful encryption methods
  • Easy global server selection
  • Access to territory-restricted content
  • Anonymous Internet Surfing
  • High connection speed
  • Output/Input data encryption
  • Visible/Hidden IP on a Map
  • High security: set up pattern lock, pass code or password to protect your browsing data
  • Tab Bar Website Preview
  • Bookmarks menu
  • Adaptive, User-Friendly Design
  • Simultaneous access to more than 25 tabs

Information and features alone makes Private Browser sound pretty amazing and a must have. Functionality always trumps features though. If an app is a pain in the ass to operate, who cares how many awesome features it has. So how functional is Private Browser; very functional.

Private Browser is sleek, touchable, and fast, while still safe, and secure with your best interests at heart—it’s reminds you of the person you’ve always wanted to date!

It was nice to open a browser and experience something completely different from Chrome and Safari. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of these browsers for different reasons, but a change of scenery was nice and Private Browser didn’t disappoint and was extremely easy to use—so very touchable.

I used Facebook to login to take advantage of all the security features in Private Browser. One feature I really enjoy with Private Browser is the ability to setup a passcode for use. If you share your iOS device with others in the family, you might like to keep some things private, like birthday shopping or if you’re planning a surprise weekend away. Utilizing a passcode allows you to keep numerous tabs open so you can continue your research without having to worry about spoiling the surprise.Private-Browser-Passcode-Unlock

You don’t have to just use a passcode either. You can setup a patterned passcode or a good old-fashioned password. It’s great to have options and Private Browser delivers.

Just like any other browser out there, you can setup a personalized homepage. Naturally I set mine to, which you should do as well for all your internet capable devices. Now when I launch Private Browser without any active tabs, our page loads for safe and easy viewing.

The VPN selections you have to choose from are vast. Switching between different VPN Unlimited servers is very easy. Again, you must be logged in to utilize this function, which requires an email address, Facebook or Google+ login access. KeepSolid, developers of Private Browser, don’t track or store any of your information. The only information they have access to via these login credentials is your email address.

Private Browser is quite solid and a pleasure to use while cruising around the internet safely and securely. I don’t believe it could ever fully replace my current browsing habits, but while traveling and using WiFi networks I’m not familiar with, it offers up great peace of mind. There’s always going to be someone out their waiting for you to offer up some vital information and Private Browser will be there to protect you.

Private Browser is available for free in the App Store and KeepSolid plans to continue updating this app in the future for its users. Check it out today!

(4.8 / 5) Private Browser gives you access and security on your iOS device like never before—nuff said!

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