BluBox Games Releases ‘Fast Finger’ for iOS [New App]

Fast_Finger_IconBluBox Games, a Silicon Beach based development company, have released their new trail-blazing maze runner, Fast Finger, which is now available worldwide for free on the App Store. Using intensely fun and kinetic puzzle gameplay, BluBox Games is aiming to give fans around the globe something new.

Created by Spencer Cordes and produced by BluBox Games, Fast Finger is a twitch-based puzzle game where players can blaze their own trail through more than 200 challenging mazes, while avoiding rotating saws, spinning blades, giant lasers, and guided missiles.

In the game, players race to the finish line and can earn more than 25 unique trails to customize and light up their maze. Additionally, players can compete with friends, share replays, and set records thanks to the online leaderboard. They can also blast through thrilling puzzles to the beat of an original electronica soundtrack or cue up their own customized playlist.


  • Intuitive touch controls and 240 levels.
  • Achievements: collect unique trophies and medals in each chapter.
  • Challenges: complete more than a dozen challenges and unlock new trails.
  • Improve your survival odds with time and shield boosts.
  • An original electronica soundtrack, or create your own custom soundtrack.
  • Compete against your friends and other players in global leaderboards.


Interested? Fast Finger is available on the App Store for free by clicking here, however, there are in-app purchase.

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