‘Blowfish Meets Meteor’ For iPad [App Review]

HeaderMeet this summers block buster now available for the iPad. You won’t find it in theaters featuring your favorite leading actors since it’s only available in the iOS App Store. Instead, you’re an underwater diver in Blowfish Meets Meteor that’s trying to save his daughters that are trapped after a meteor crashes into the ocean. Sky Tyrannosaur introduced us to this game back in mid February but only on the iPhone. A recent update has splashed this underwater experience on the iPad with Retina Display support. It’s available now in the iOS App Store and introduces users to a different block buster game experience that I’m sure a lot of you could get used to.

Blowfish Meets Meteor offers up challenges you don’t normally see in block buster style games. There is so much depth to this game that it breaks the traditional feel of the genre and introduces players to hours of gameplay. I’ve downloaded quite a few block buster style games in my time to play randomly at the airport, in the waiting room at the doctors office, or while in a boring meeting—just kidding, I’m a model employee. Usually there’s nothing special about them other Screenshotthan it’s easy to quickly fire them up to kill mere minutes of your life. Sky Tyrannosaur challenges conventional wisdom with Blowfish Meets Meteor. There are numerous aspects of this game that’ll will have users trying to find time to play this creatively intriguing game.

The first feature you’ll notice about Blowfish Meets Meteor is there’s a creative storyline with awesome hand-drawn animation. I’m not suggesting you’re drawn in like you’re watching a feature film or sitcom, but at least you know why you’re working so feverishly to free the mermaids in this game. Given there are 60 different levels, some of which have numerous daughters to free, this is one of the largest families I’ve ever seen!

More impressive than the animation and storyline is the great block busting experience Blowfish Meets Meteor offers up. Each level brings new equipment and experiences, all while challenging players in different ways. Some of the equipment players have at their disposal to use takes a bit of getting used to. Adding a dedicated tutorial area could clear some of this up. I felt a bit confused or hesitant at times to use new features when I didn’t fully understand how to operate them. Nothings more frustrating than having the meteor zoom past you while trying to use something new. One thing for sure though, there is so much depth to this game that players will find themselves using any excuse to keep playing just one more level.

Blowfish Meets Meteor requires players to beat a boss at the end of each level in order to advance to the next undersea world. I’m going to show my age a little bit here, but “the Critic” was exposed to video games through Atari and gained my gaming experience and knowledge through Nintendo via Super Mario Bros. Taking down bosses at the end of each level is very reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. and I love that about Blowfish Meets Meteor! This bit of nostalgia allows users like myself to further connect with the game since it reminds us of yesteryear console game play. Blowfish Meets Meteor gives you familiar fun with block buster and boss beating play that will keep you entertained for a reported 10 hours.

There are common unavoidable pitfalls associated with block buster games. Sometimes you bounce the ball in just the right position and it gets stuck bouncing back and forth between unbreakable regions of a level. When this happens, players must exit and restart the level with the hope of not repeating the same move. Even though this happens so rarely, it’s amazingly frustrating, especially if you were crushing it—literally! I have yet to experience this while playing Blowfish Meets Meteor, but I’m a realist and know it’s only a matter of time before this happens. I am very surprised this hasn’t popped up yet since there are a number of layers and nooks and crannies to some of the levels.


  • Mind-bending, game-changing, block-breaking action with a charming undersea twist
  • An evolving, 10+ hour experience that grows with the player, created with the principles of console titles in mind
  • Aesthetics crafted with care – vibrant, hand-drawn animation with 30 minutes of original tunes
  • Save mermaids in 60 varied levels, each with its own unique challenge, bonuses, and appeal
  • Eight engaging, screen-filling boss battles
  • Six diverse underwater worlds including saltwater glaciers, steamship graveyards, and even the innards of a gigantic sea-beast
  • Revamped physics engine and new animations for an even more satisfying experience
  • Native iPhone and now iPad performance with the smoothness of a calm lake

Screenshot2Lastly, Blowfish Meets Meteor offers zero, nada, zilch, null, in app purchases—awesome! You buy the game, everything’s included to have a good time. Thank you Sky Tyrannosaur! There is nothing more annoying than purchasing a game only to have it offer up in app purchases a short time later to maximize your gaming experience. Don’t get me wrong, there are games where in app purchases are necessary, but don’t charge me a minimal amount for the app and then entice me to pay up and over the original purchase price to unlock a better experience! Blowfish Meets Meteor respects your purchase and gives you everything you’ll need upfront, which results in full entertainment with zero regrets.

After finding out more information about Sky Tyrannosaur, I’m very excited to see what they have in store for us. By the looks of it,  Blowfish Meets Meteor might be the only iOS application they grace the App Store with. You see the thing is, they want to develop console games and have been approved by Nintendo and Microsoft. These gaming platforms will devour numerous man hours to create something spectacular, but from the looks of their first creation, great things are in store for us all; it probably won’t be on a mobile device.

Blowfish Meets Meteor will keep you entertained for hours. Since you probably won’t chew through the entire game in just one setting, it’s setup for you to enjoy in bite-sized pieces. This approach awakens your conscience and begs you to play just one more level. You’ll have a hard time fighting this feeling off since gameplay in this block buster is familiar, but  gets you hooked with puzzle solving elements set to unique and creative animations. It’s visually pleasing on so many levels and at $2.99 you can’t go wrong.

5/5: A must have!

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